Burning Stars: You just wrapped up your west coast tour with Blameshift.  How do you feel the tour went?  Do you have any
highlights or funny tour stories you would like to share?
Lucy Levinsohn (vocals): The tour itself was AMAZING!  BlameShift is a great band and a really awesome group of people.  We had
some really off the hook shows and in general had a lot of fun together.  We are pretty sad they live on the other coast!  There are
literally dozens of hilarious moments.  One of the most memorable nights was in Winnemucca, NV..... that night the phrase "When
in Mucca!" was coined.   In 2 words: Drunken Debauchery.

BS: While up in Stockton, your van was broken into and the police weren't much help.  You took things into your own hands by
tracking them down and writing to local newspapers there.  What do you have to say about the situation and has there been any
progress made on their end since then to help you?
Lucy: Stockton was the only major tour bummer.  After our show we made the TERRIBLE MISTAKE of stopping to eat at Denny's.  
Note to everyone:  When traveling through a bad area, don't stop to eat.  Our vehicle had the window smashed in and a bunch of
personal computers, ipods, and recording gear stolen.  We did some CSI action and hunted the iPad down with a GPS tracker we
had installed on it.  It was actually a really scary and intense situation.   People can read the whole story along with my open letter
to the editor of the City Newspaper on our website www.evolovetheband.com.  Since the event occurred I have received a personal
phone call from the Captain of the Stockton Police Department.  He admitted to where he felt dispatch and the officers should have
treated our situation differently and said he is re-training the staff.  It doesn't really help our situation but it's nice to know at least
they acknowledged our complaints.  One good thing that happened is that ONCE AGAIN our fans stepped up and donated almost
$2,000 dollars to help us rebuild our losses.  We lost over $4,500 in gear but our appreciation to the fans can not be measured.  We
the most supporting people around us and are very blessed.

BS: Right now you are working on your full length album and you have already announced 3 songs off it, "3 Cheers", "Pieces" and
"Spare Me".  Can you tell anything else about the new album yet?  And when do you expect it to be released?
Lucy: The new record, EVOLOVE Acoustic Vol. 1 is mainly a record of songs past and present.  We have done a lot of acoustic shows
over the past 2 years and have had a lot of people say how much they enjoy hearing us like that.  We felt it was time to give the
people what they have asked for.  We also felt it was a cool way to introduce a few new songs we have written.  The album comes
out at the end of March 27th and will be available through iTunes.  For a limited time we have offered fans a way to order a signed
hard copy.  We will be including a "Thank you" section to include everyone who orders the Pre-Sale. People can order here:

BS: Are there any plans in the works for a tour after the album is complete?  Do you have any upcoming local shows for your
hometown fans?
Lucy: We are discussing plans for the next tour now.  We want to go back and hit all the places we have been plus we are working
on getting ourselves to the East Coast asap.  Lots of things are in the early stages of planning so we can't reveal details yet.  We will
be playing a benefit show at The Airliner in Los Angeles March 24th.  Everyone can keep up to date with us on Facebook.  We are
really good about staying in touch.

BS: Dream tour: where would you tour, who would be on the bill with you, etc?
Lucy:  Right now it is personally a dream of mine to get overseas.  I love traveling and there are SO MANY places I haven't been yet.  
I really want to tour Australia.  There are so many bands we would love to tour with, I would be listing them all day and I would
want to leave anyone out :D   It would be awesome to get the opportunity to open for a Superband band like the Foo Fighters.

BS: Any final words you have for your fans?
Lucy: I would first like to thank you for this interview!  Then I would definitely like to thank our fans for being so supportive and
amazing.  You are all very special to us <3
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Evolove interview by: Maureen Benedict