Burning Stars: Name and position in the band?
Adam Brazie (vocals/guitar): I'm Adam, I sing and play guitar.
Matt Szklars (drums): Matt, drums.
Ryan Furlott (guitar): Ryan, guitar.
Aaron James (bass): Aaron, bass.

BS: Describe the history of Ever We Fall.
Ryan: In high school, Matt and I started jamming together early on in high school, Freshman, Sophomore year. Then we had
some friends that we jammed with and then Adam started playing with us one day. Everyone else quit after that but it was us
three. We started getting more serious about it, writing real songs. We played music and we got a bassist and then we kicked
out that bassist, then we got a new bassist. Then we kicked out that bassist, did that a couple more times. We signed to Rise
Records in 2003 and released Endura, our first EP, in December, 2003. Hit the road that following summer after we graduated
from high school. Ended up kicking out the bassist that we had. Then we took some time off, started writing new stuff, found
a new bassist, hit the road again. Pretty shortly after signing with Hopeless Records in 2004. So we toured for a while, without
a record, then we recorded our record between February and May of 2005. We Are But Human, we just released that in
February, 2006. This is really the worst history of a band.
Matt: It's not really an exciting history, there were no swords, there were no Indian fights.
EWF: Some tours, some other tours, some bassists.
Aaron: Shit happens.
EWF: Put that in!

BS: How did you come up with the name Ever We Fall?
Adam: To be honest, our name doesn't have real significant meaning behind it. We were about 14, 15 and 16 when we started
a band and made the name. So at the time we were just like "Ever We Fall. Yeah, that sounds good." we just stuck with it.
There have been times when we wanted to change our name, but it's a little too late for that now. It's just a name we stuck
with. Am I right? Am I wrong?
Matt: Yeah.
Ryan: I love how you're like "Am I right? Am I wrong?" and you say "yeah".
Matt: It's honestly both.

BS: When and what made you decide that you wanted to make music?
Matt: I was uh... baking cookies?
Ryan: We were all raised with musical families and it just kind of happened. It wasn't really anything. Music chose us, really.
Adam: We've been around music out entire lives, so for a while there as kids, jamming out as a band, it's really all we knew.
None of us had jobs before we started playing music. When we got a job after we had been playing music for a while, we
thought it sucked. So we thought we'd stick with music.

BS: Who are your influences personally and/or musically?
Matt: my personal influence is probably Albert Camus. He's one of the most famous writers in the 20th century. He writes
books that have meaning, or they don't have meaning actually. That's the whole point of his books. There's no meaning to
anything. And that's how I get through life. That's how I wake up in the morning. Like "Why am I here? Why am I in a van?
Why are we on the road?"
Adam: Influences, musically, I would say I started listening to obviously early on there was Smashing Pumpkins, Rage
Against The Machine, I like Nirvana at some point in my life, I don't really anymore. I grew up listening to all those grunge
bands, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, and whatnot. Then getting into high school, starting to play music, I got into Thursday,
they were just coming out with Full Collapse, and that affected all of us, me personally a lot, just kind of swerved me into that
genre of music. Ever since then, I've gotten into bands like Appleseed Cast, Death Cab For Cutie the list can go on and on.
Ryan: Anything that expresses emotion and talents and people that express themselves through any outlet, any form of
writing, whether music writing or just words. _Expression,  self-_expression is out main influence.
Matt: Ryan needs another outlet for his artistic _expression. He used to be a tagger. He was booked a couple times when he
was 14 and so after some counseling and stuff, he needed some way to channel his energy into something positive, he kind of
played the guitar so they tried to get him to do something with that instead of doing something destructive.
Ryan: PS. Our goal as a band is to be the most awkward band ever. We want to make every person that comes to our shows
feel so uncomfortable and anyone that interviews us. Don't you feel really uncomfortable right now?

BS: Is there anything you've been listening to lately that you'd like to recommend to others?
Adam: Broken Social Scene. What was that other band you played that we really liked, Ryan and I, we both liked it.
Matt: I'm thinking Magnet.
EWF: The new Amber Pacific video is pretty sweet, check that out too.

BS: What band have you enjoyed sharing the stage with the most so far?
EWF: Jack's Mannequin.
Matt: That was definitely the best show, biggest show we've done. Our best friends that we've ever actually been on the road
with the band Small Towns Burn A Little Slower. That was our first real long tour, it was their, as that group, first long tour
that they went on and it was 2-3 people a night, bars in the middle of nowhere, horribly, horrible booked extravaganza. If we
hadn't made friends with those guys, it would have been the most miserable tour.

BS: Tell us a bit about the new CD (We Are But Human).
Adam: The new cd, we've been writing for, we started writing for it probably had a couple songs ready about a year and a
half ago.
Ryan: Cut that. It's real good and we like it and we thin that you will like it too. We worked real hard on it.
Adam: Our new record, We Are But Human, just hit stores February 21st on Hopeless Records and we're very happy about
how it turned out, we're very happy with the songs. It's a very meaningful record to us and we hope it's a meaningful record
to everyone that listens to it as well.

BS: What is the best thing and the worst thing about touring?
Matt: Living in a van with the same four people for months and knowing them.
Ryan: That's the worst, not the best.
Matt: No, no, it's the same answer because you have your 4 best friends with you all the time.
Ryan: Three.
Aaron: He's considering himself his best friend, ok? I consider myself my best friend.
Adam: Well the best parts meeting new people every day, having a lot of new experiences that you have no idea going into.
Well, I mean, you never know what's going to happen. By meeting new people, going new places, anything could happen. It's
just living life on the edge, being on the road.
Matt: The worst part is seeing the movie Slither.
EWF: Yeah, that was the worst part about being on tour. It definitely beats having a grand stolen from you.
EWF: That was the worst.
EWF: We got a bunch of stuff stolen in Chicago, it sucked.

BS: How long did you work on the CD?
Ryan: Well we started writing the CD like 2 years ago. It took us about a year to get the whole thing done. We started
recording it to finishing. We took a little break to tour, then a few to make it, then waiting for the master to come back and
the artwork and stuff. It was about 2 years in the making, if you consider the writing time. Just making the CD was about a

BS: What is your dream tour?
EWF: Being on tour with U2.

BS: What is a question you've always wanted to be asked, but you've never been asked?
EWF: That question.
That's the answer. I'm happy with it.

BS: Anything you'd like to say to your fans or fans to come?
EWF: Buy our record.
Adam: Yeah, our new record, We Are But Human's in stores, all Best Buy's, all Sam Goody's across the country. Please pick it
up. It's awesome, you'll love it. And come out to the shows.
EWF: Yeah, come to the show. Just come to the show, that's all you need to do. Come out. And wear comfortable dancing
shoes. That's all we need. That's all we want. That's why we're here.
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Ever We Fall interview by: Julie Magyar