Burning Stars: Introduce yourself.
Tryg Littlefield (vocals/guitar): Hey there!  My name is Tryg Sebastian Littlefield, and I front the band Fall From Grace.  
We're a tight knit family.  Btown (lead guitarist) and BigKen (bassist) are brothers, and KennyB (drummer) is like a brother to
me.  He moved out of his parents house to move in with me to start this band.  We've always had each other's backs since day
1, so we are basically a family.

BS: Last year you won the Bodog Battle Of The Bands contest and a $1 million dollar recording contract.  How has this
affected your music?
Tryg: Since Fall From Grace won the 1st annual Bodog Music's Battle of the Bands, we've been slamming busy!  We filmed a
DVD in Massachusetts, and did months of preproduction and post production for our record.  We've learned in the last 6
months more about songwriting and structure...I seriously feel like I just went to college for music!

BS:  Right now you are currently working on your new album at Studio X. Tell me about the recording process.  Did you do  
anything different on this album than on your previous albums?
Tryg: Well, every album is different for Fall From Grace.  The first EP "RISE FROM THE ASHES"musically were written by
myself and Btown, then we brought it to "the Kens", and they brought those songs to life.  We recorded our EP in a little over
a month then started touring it.  

Our  full length, "COVERED IN SCARS" was written by all of us, recorded over the course of 9 months in our studio.  We
would work on it pieces at a time, tour, play shows, work day jobs, etc.  We didn't want to rush it because the songs were a lot
better and we wanted to be able to take our time with it.

"SIFTING THROUGH THE WRECKAGE" is our new record, which will be available July 22nd, 2008 in Best Buys across the
nation!  The process for this one was yet different again.  We wrote 20 new songs immediately following the big win on
September 5th.  Then, we chose the top songs from our back catalog, and the top new ones.  We brought 14 songs to the table
and began working on all of them with producer Greig Nori (who founded Sum 41, and has worked with Hedley) from
Toronto, Canada.  For the following 2 months we worked out all the bugs in the old and new tunes with Greig and our good
friend Mike Caviezel (who mixed our back catalog) in Fall From Grace Studios.  We then took those final products to Terry
Date at Studio X (Bad Animals) where we re recorded the songs that we demoed at out studio.

Long story short, this record is essentially Fall From Grace's "GREATEST HITS", haha.  It's the best of the best, and we're very
stoked on it!

BS: Have you decided on a title yet?  How many songs did you initially write for the album and how many songs were
chosen  for the album?
Tryg: Like I said, the album is called "SIFTING THROUGH THE WRECKAGE".  The overall saying for the band has always
been about when you fall from your personal grace in life, and striving to pick yourself up and persevere.  To "Rise Above"
your peers and personal deperation, and go on.

This record accomplishes exactly that.  There are songs like KING OF LIES, which is about staring down the people that
continually try to knock you down for their gain.  And, BURNED, which is about getting over your shit and turning the
cheek.  Everyone has a hard life, some more than others, however it's up to you as an individual to always turn the cheek and
grow from your experience whilst at the same time not holding your previous experience against someone new.  It;'s a hard
line to walk, but will always make you the better man.  It was a saying in my family growing up, and has become our slogan
in the band, and in life.

Out of all the 37 songs that we had, the top 14 made the record.

BS:  You are working with Terry Date on your album and he's worked with bands like Deftones, White Zombie & Pantera.
How did  you decide he was the guy to produce the album?  And what was it like working with him?
Tryg: When Fall From Grace was on the Bodog tour, I started to think about "if we really won this fucking thing, who would
we want to do our record".  My feelings all pointed to using a local producer here in Seattle who had worked with a grunge
band back in the day.  Terry did Soundgarden's Badmotorfinger, and Mother Love Bone's Apple.  Whether you like it or not,
Fall From Grace is from Seattle.  We were all influenced by the grunge movement, because we grew up in it.  Grunge was the
spin off of punk, which the punk scene in Seattle was absolutely insane back in those days!

So, in a world of polished music where Pro Tools can manipulate the pitch of someone's voice and digitally make everything
sound "perfect", we decided to go another route.  You see, when people come to a Fall From Grace show, they not only come
to see us rock out, the come to see what problems we'll encounter.  The race car theory is what I like use: people who watch a
car race are always waiting for that huge crash, because that's all they'll end up talking about for days, maybe months
following.  So, in essence, Fall From Grace wanted to keep it real on this record.  Terry comes from a live production
backround, and his goal is to have the record sound as if it were live, hence why we tracked some of it live together as a band.

That feeling is construed on  this record.  It's not perfect, shiny and glossy.  It's raw, loud, and in your face.  That, is Fall From
Grace!  To an absolute "T".

Working with Terry was the most comfortable and relaxing experiences any of us have ever had in the studio.  Because we're
so work driven, when we start to spend money, we're on point and fired up about the completion of a project.  With Terry, it
was chill, like we were hanging out at his house.  We were very efficient, always working and utilizing every free minute, but
we also had a lot of fun.  Listening to Terry tell us all stories about working with Pantera, Buckcherry, White Zombie, Mother
Love Bone, Emanuel, Funeral For A Friend, Soundgarden, Ozzy Osbourne, and Perry Ferril made it very comforting.  
Knowing that he had worked with 2 out of my top 5 favorite singers was incredible.  And, for the rest of the guys, they were at
ease to.  From Vinnie's tips on drum heads to Dimebag's picking techniques...let's just say it was School of Grace over the past
several months!!

BS: You chose "Last Straw" as the first single off the album.  What made you decide on that song to represent the album?
You  shot video for the song.  Can you tell me a little about it and when should fans expect to see it on tv?
Tryg: THE LAST STRAW is not the first single from SIFTING THROUGH THE WRECKAGE.  We are not sure as to what the
first single will be, but I'm sure you'll be one of the firsts I tell!

The video, however, for THE LAST STRAW, was shot in LA for the TV show, Bodog Music's Battle of the Bands.  The video
was shot in 6 hours, all angles and premise was the band's, then 6 hours to edit it, all us.  It was grueling, but the video turned
out fantastic!  Unfortunately, the new version of THE LAST STRAW isn't the same.  My good friend John Pettibone (singer of
local band HIMSA) has a cameo on it.  It's way more brutal now!!

BS: In May you will be heading out on your final DIY tour.  Will this be a full US tour?
Tryg: No, it'll just be a small 3 week tour to say hi to all the fans that we made before the TV show.  This is a shout out to all
our close friends that took us in and helped us continue in our dream.  If it had not have been for them, we wouldn't be where
we are today.  We love them completely!

This tour will take us through Washington, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraksa, and Oregon.  Just a walk in the
park!  :)

BS: You are doing a few west coast dates on Warped Tour.  Is this your first year on Warped Tour?
Tryg: We played Warped Tour in Denver last year on the Hot Topic/Kevin Says stage, and went to Salt Lake City for press.  It
was rad!  To be on Warped this year, even if for only 7 dates, is a dream come true!  We grew up loving Warped Tour and
now we get to be part of it!  Kevin Lyman is such a great dude, and he genuinely cares about all of his bands.  That, in turn,
makes the whole experience that much more incredible!  He was gracious enough to give us the entire WEST COAST leg of
Warped, and that's gonna be rad!!

BS:  What would your dream tour be?
Tryg: For me, personally, would have to be this:

Picture it, the year is 1985, the band is Guns N Roses, on a headlining tour to support their record APPETITE FOR
DESTRUCTION.  Fall From Grace is direct support.  I could die a happy man then! :-p

BS:  What should fans expect from Fall From Grace for the next 8 months?
Tryg: A video, a single, and a record that is going to be larger then life!  We're going to have a contest where our friends and
fans can vote on the cover art...hence, letting our public vote for what they want.  We'll be having an online vote for our set
lists, in other words, they pick what we play.

It's going to be a very rad 2008/2009 for Fall From Grace.  We're all very stoked!

BS: Any final words for the fans or want to add something that maybe wasn't covered in the interview?
Tryg: Nope.  SIFTING THOUGH THE WRECKAGE is available July 22nd in every Best Buy nationwide.  Support good
music, and buy it!!
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Fall From Grace interview by: Maureen Benedict