Burning Stars: Say your name, your position in the band and something about yourself.
Kell Wheatly (vocals): Kell. (sorry I am the only one here) I am the singer/ lyricist and am reluctant to be put in the spot

BS: How did you decide on the title of your EP Truth In Scarlett Hands?
Kell: Actually Keith and I decided on it together. We thought all of the songs on the EP we reminiscent of some kind of guilt.
We asked ourselves what was a phrase that embodied "guilt" or "the guilty being caught"....it was 'To have blood on your
hands!" We just made it sound more poetic.

BS: Keith and Yury produced the EP, how did the decision come about to have them produce it?
Kell: Yury began as just the engineer ( he owns the recording studio OPTIMUM SOUND in Hollywood) and did the
orchestration. Keith has always wanted to be a producer. That's really what he wants to do. So through out the course of
recording , their heads just continually melded. Those two really are a producing team. I honestly believe a lot more bands or
artists should go to them. They are amazing.

BS: Do you have any plans to tour any time soon?
Kell: Actually we do,...we are working on the plans right now. Drew ( other guitarist) and I are working on filling out the rest
of the band to tour. Auditioning, if you will. But yes plans are being put together and hopefully will pan out.

BS: Who directed your video for "Maybe Not" and when should we expect to see it on Fuse and Mtv?
Kell: The Directors were Paul Matthieu and Shawn Chait. Both amazing guys and so easy to work for.  I would love to see it
on Fuse, but there are lots of politics involved in getting your submissions played. It really sucks. You have to know
somebody who knows somebody, that's even the way with Fuse now. But that doesn't mean we won't submit it.

BS: How did you all meet? And when did you decide to put Fatesgame together?
Kell: Well Keith, Drew and I were all friends back in Baltimore, but in separate circles. Keith moved out here first then I
moved out a few months later. I don't know when Drew came here after that. Drew kind of fell into the project. We needed
someone to fill in for Keith when he went out on tour. Actually the whole thing we kind of just fell into. Started out as just a
writing project for Keith and I. Then as popularity grew, we had to give it a name.

BS: Do you have any plans on putting up an official Fatesgame website?
Kell: We do,...we are just looking for the right web designer to work with. One that "gets us". It is in the works however.
Things are happening very fast for us and we didn't expect it. We weren't prepared. None of us were boy scouts or girl scouts.

BS: How did you come up with "Fatesgame" and what made you decide to go with it?
Kell: Fatesgame is really just a game of fate. Fate plays with you. If you were meant to go somewhere or see something
happen or be someplace at the right or wrong time,...that's part of the game. We are always playing it. That's the vague
reason. The specific reason is Keith and I met on a pool table ( game) and we just kept crossing paths no matter where we
went or where we were going ( fate) . So Fatesgame is essentially a word the signifies Keith and I.

BS: How do you prepare yourself before you go on stage? Are their any vocal warm ups you do?
Kell: I just do it. I don't really "prepare". Going on stage is like going home to me. You just do it and embrace it. Keith and
Drew (Drew especially) warm up. Drew is an amazing jazz guitar player. He's trained. That kid is way to good. Keith just has
embedded raw talent. It's in his blood. As far as vocal warm ups...I should do more and don't do nearly enough.

BS: Could you tell us what your top 5 Cd's are at the moment?
Kell: God I haven't bought a CD in forever! Not to be cheesy but Built by Blood has to be in the top 5. It's just a great CD. The
Used's first Cd.  This cat Nick Drake is rad...greatest hits. The Doors (I love all of their stuff, but the greatest hits sums it up).
I've been listening to 30 Secs to Mars' first Cd alot lately.
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Fatesgame interview by: Megan Murphy