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Fearless Vampire Killers
Revel Without A Cause Tour
The Roxy Theatre
November 7, 2013

Theatrical death rock band Fearless Vampire Killers who hail from the UK made their first journey
across the pond to embark on their first US tour. They are currently traveling across the country
sharing a bill with the goth rock king William Control and Davey Suicide.  The band is huge over in the
UK and are making immense waves here in the US playing to fans they did not know they had and
making new ones.  On November 7th the tour made a stop at the world famous Roxy Theatre in
Hollywood, CA and fans were lined up outside hours prior to the show to see the bands that would
be gracing the stage that night.  After the local bands played, Kier, Laurence, Drew, Luke and Cyrus
took the stage behind a curtain as the Roxy welcomed them to the stage and brought the curtain
up.  The band put on one hell of a set playing their hit singles and fan favourites including newly
released "All Hallows Evil" which was just released weeks prior to the tour.  This band really has stage
presence and can get any crowd going with so much energy.  I hope to see the FVK guys back here
again in the near future cause they definitely made their mark on Los Angeles.

Before the show we had the chance to sit down with Kier Kemp (vocals/guitar) to discuss what he
could about the new album and the tour.  You can view it
More photos from the show can be found

And for more information about the band: