Goldnwolf interview by: Maureen Benedict The band formed last year.  Could you by telling me about the origins of the band and how you all met?
Austin Robert (vocals): Nicholas and I have known each other since we were in middle school and high school and played
in bands around seattle and we met Jake through touring and playing shows with previous projects. G O L D N W O L F
started in 2015 after Jake heard that Nicholas and I were on the look out for a guitar player, as our last project, Girl on Fire,
had disbanded and we decided to lock ourselves away to write songs. Jake eventually flew up to Seattle from LA and hung
out with us for a couple of weeks, we vibed out and wrote some really fun tunes. It wasn't until we spent the day writing
"Lone Wolf" that the name G O L D N W O L F came out and stuck.

BS: You have released your first single "Lone Wolf".  How did you decide on that for the first single?
Austin: G O L D N W O L F has such a wide range of sounds from song to song, we felt like LONE WOLF was the perfect
introduction to who we are and what we're about as a group. We want this project to showcase our love for mixing it up
when it comes to our taste in music and what comes out naturally when we're writing songs. That mindset has allowed us to
be able to explore and expand our sound, to really get creative with it. LONE WOLF has that nostalgic sound that I believe
we'll always come back around to. Sometimes, when you have thousands of sounds, bells and whistles to play with and are
attempting to create something that has a certain feeling and vibe to it, the most authentic sounding instrument will be that
old acoustic guitar.

BS: Do you have plans to release an album in 2017?
Austin: We'll be releasing music throughout the rest of the year.

BS: I know you all have been in other bands in the past that had a somewhat harder sound but what inspired the sound for
Austin: Going outside of the box and allowing music to be a release. Rather than chasing a sound, we want to capture our
sound. We missed the discussion of, "what genre should we aim for" and just started firing. Each song has its own personality
and character, but played together they're all still very cohesive. G O L D N W O L F can be acoustic, electric, soft and poppy
or loud and heavy.

BS: A few couple weeks ago you played your first show at the Columbia City Theater. How did it go? Any highlights from
the show you would like to share?
Austin: It went very well! The Columbia City Theater is a beautiful venue with an awesome staff and we were stoked to have
our first official headline show SOLD OUT there. It was an amazing/incredible/magical night all around. I tend to black out
when I'm on stage but I just remember that I couldn't stop smiling. Every time I looked out at the crowd they were smiling
and people were singing along to songs they have never heard which was a wonderful feeling.

BS: Do you have any plans for more shows or an upcoming tour in the works?
Austin: We play around Seattle as often as possible, even if we don't mention it on our social networks. We've been having a
lot of fun with it and showing these tunes off in a different light is really exciting for us. We're currently setting up a run
down and up the west coast for September but we'll have more info on that later.

BS: If you could tour with anyone who would it be and why?
Austin: U2, because it's U2!

BS: What is currently in rotation on your iPod?
Austin: John Lennon - Imagine
            Rag n Bone Man - Human
            Imagine Dragons - Believer

BS: Any final words for your fans?
Austin: You rock! Thank you for your support and for sticking with us! You are all beautiful and amazing and we can't wait
to show you more of these tunes we've been cooking up for you!
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