Burning Stars: Name and position in the band.
Mike Hunau (vocals): I'm Mike and I'm the singer for Halifax.
Adam Charles (guitar): I'm Adam, I play guitar.
Tommy Guindon (drums): I'm Tommy, I play drums.
Doug Peyton (bass): I'm Doug, I play bass.

BS: Why did you choose the name Halifax?
Mike: Two of the original members who are actually not in the band anymore, a long time ago when we were thinking of a
name went to Halifax, Nova Scotia for a hockey tournament and thought it was a cool name.

BS: Give us a brief history of Halifax.
Tommy: We've been around about 2 to 3 years, we've had a couple member changes and we've been touring since. We
recorded an EP, it's over with, we opened a new chapter in our book and the new album comes out the 23rd. That's pretty
much Halifax in a nutshell.

BS: Who are your influences personally and/or musically?
Mike: The music we listen to really doesn't really influence what we write because a lot of us don't write what we listen to. I
listen to Dave Matthews every day, 24 hours a day and you don't really hear that in our music. I listen to Dave Matthews,
Nine Inch Nails, Muse, Counting Crows.

BS: What made you decide that you wanted to be in a band?
Doug: I just wanted to be cool.
Adam: I don't remember, it was just something I always wanted to do.
Mike: I just like writing songs, I thought that was fun, so I guess singing in a band would be cool.
*Chris comes into the interview*
Halifax: Hey, it's Chris.
Chris Brandt (vocals/guitar): Hi I'm Chris, I play guitar and sing.

BS: What is your favorite song to play live?
Doug: Even though it sounds lame, I like playing Sydney because all the kids know that song.
Chris: I like all of them, there's a different response every night, different crowds.

BS: Tell us a bit about the new CD (The Inevitability of a Strange World).
Mike: The new record is... cool. We're very, very proud of it, we hope that every one gets a chance to listen to it. We tried to
make it as diverse as possible so its not the same song written 13 times. It's rock.

BS: Are you afraid of people losing interest after all the times the cd release was pushed back?
Doug: We're not really afraid of that, we already know it happened.
Mike: That's why we started drinking a lot.

BS: What band/s have you enjoyed sharing the stage with the most?
Adam: We did a tour with Home Grown a long time ago and every night was just chaotic and a lot of fun. I think that's what
playing live shows should be.
Mike: Every time we play a tour with I Am The Avalanche, it's a blast. I'd have to say those guys.

BS: What is your dream tour that you would like to be a part of?
Chris: Home Grown reunion tour.

BS: What's the biggest difference between the EP and the full length?
Chris: Maturity. We've grown a lot, we've come a long way as song writers.
Adam: The amount of time alone that we put into the full length compared to what we did with the EP probably tenfold. It
seemed like, not that it was rushed, but that we did the EP really quickly and we spent a lot of time with the full length.

BS: Is there a song on the new cd that you like more than the others?
Mike: My favorite song on the CD is called Hey Italy. I like it a lot.
Chris: They're all good in different ways, I think. They're like your kids. You like the fattest one because you feel sorry for it.
The last part was a joke. They're like your kids, you're like the mom, you can't pick a favorite.
Doug: Chris is out of his mind.

BS: What's in the future for Halifax?
Mike: World domination.
Adam: What's next for Halifax? We're going to Canada.
Mike: Tour.

BS: Any last words?
Chris: I'm out of my mind.
Mike: This is Mike but I'm pretending to be Chris and I'm creepy.
Adam: Chris is out of his mind.
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Halifax interview by: Julie Magyar