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Sumo Cyco - Opus Mar
Linkin Park - One More Light

Rest In Peace Chester Bennington 1976-2017

I have been trying to write this since his passing last Thursday but have
to keep rewriting it.  Not that what I have previously written was bad, I
just want to make sure what I say is the best possible wording. Maybe I’
m a perfectionist in a way but I just really think he deserves the best I
can give.  I’ve been struggling with his passing since a friend of mine
messaged me to give me the heartbreaking news.
I just have an
overwhelming amount of feelings to this and am having trouble getting
them out onto paper.  
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Simple Plan Celebrates 15 Year Anniversary Of Debut Album

Fifteen years ago Canadian pop-punkers Simple Plan released the
album that put them on the map called No Pads, No
Helmets…Just Balls.  The album spawned the hit singles “I’m Just
A Kid”, “I’d Do Anything”, “Addicted” and “Perfect” and sold over
4 million copies worldwide.  Fifteen years later the band are out
touring the US, Canada and Europe to celebrate the release of
the album.  The first leg of the US tour was a success selling out
all but a few shows which resulted in the band adding second leg
to the US tour this August.
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Courage My Love - Synesthesia
Rancid - Trouble Maker
The Cranberries - Something Else
The Dollyrots - Whiplash Splash
Set It Off - Upside Down
All Time Low - Last Young Renegade
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