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Anti-Flag Sell Out The Troubadour & Play Secret Show

After kicking off their highly anticipated Silence=Violence Tour,
Pittsburgh punk rockers Anti-Flag made their way to the west coast
and selling out West Hollywood’s infamous Troubadour.  Earlier in the
day fans lined up down the block patiently waiting for doors to open
and get into the venue to get a good spot for their favourite band.  On
this tour the band brought out some awesome bands such as
Baltimore’s female fronted band Sharptooth, LA native band The White
Noise and Long Island hardcore band Stray From The Path.  I had not
heard of these bands prior to the tour but Sharptooth blew me away
with their live performance.      
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Rest In Piece Dolores O'Riordan 1971-2018

Yesterday morning Dolores O’Riordan of the legendary Irish rock
band The Cranberries was found dead at age 46 in her hotel room at
the London Hilton on Park Lane.  She had been in London working on
new music in the studio and was set to record vocals yesterday.  No
cause of death has been determined yet.   

The Cranberries rose to fame in the early 90’s with their hits “Linger”,
“Dreams”, “Zombie” and “Salvation”.
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