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Name: Julie
Location: NY

Tell everyone a little bit about yourself!  I love music, food, playing
video games. I go to concerts as a hobby, it's my spare time away from
the kids.

How long have you been with BurningStars.net: on and off since

What do you do for BurningStars.net: Photography and interviews

What got you into Photography?  It was a hobby I picked up in high
school and it stuck from there.

What do you like doing the most; photographing bands,
interviewing bands or writing about the shows?
Being able to
share the experience as I witnessed it

What type of camera do you use? Canon

What Program do you use to edit photos?

What is your most favourite concert experience?
I have had so
many but the ones where I get lost in the music are the best.

Favourite Bands: this changes from time to time but I love Thursday,
the Movielife, Silverstein, really the list goes on and on

E-Mail: Julie [at] burningstars [dot] net