BurningStars: On your new album Oracle did you do anything different than you did on your debut album Spit?
Morgan Lander(vocals/vocals): Well we took a lot more time. We actually recorded the album in two and a half weeks as
oppsed to nine days with Spit. And we just had more options. We obviously had a bit more money so we could put it into the
recording and more instraments and you know better equiptment and that sort of thing. I think the first album was sort of
done with like Fender Squires and PV amps and stuff. So we had just a lot more experience with recording and playing
together as a band and that sort of thing. We totally knew what we wanted and went right for it.

BS: Which songs on Oracle did you enjoy recording the most?
Morgan: I'll say like singing wise probably Pink Lemonade and Safe was pretty rad and In Winter cause like the more
singing songs are more of a challenge for me. I like those.
Mercedes Lander (drums): I personally liked No Name because that was the last song that we wrote before we went into
the studio so it was like a really, really fresh song.

BS: What bands influenced your song writing on this album?
Morgan: Well personally I think we are influenced by those very same bands that made us want to start the band in the first
place. But I think we just sort of got deeper into the scenes like in terms of more hard rock and more hardcore, more metal,
that sort of thing. I don't know there's really not any sort of band in specific. I mean we listen to so much stuff now, it's hard
to pick. Definately with all the bands we've toured with and with Pantera and that sort of thing. That was sort of like "yeah
we want to go in and write an album". Seeing them live is awesome.

BS: Talena left the band, what happened with that?
Morgan: I don't know. I guess she really wasn't happy. I mean I think a lot of people expect being in a band, you know the
whole rock and roll lifestyle to be a lot more than what it really is. And if you're not really willing to like give up on different
things, I mean we live on a bus for god sakes and we're traveling around. If you're not willing to give up your family and
your friends, make those sort of sacrifices and you're just not going to be happy. She was not really a very happy person to
begin with, but she just I guess really didn't want to. It had a lot to do with contract and money and all that stuff. But it's still
kind of upsetting and at the same time good things come out of those bad times. Right now the band is, we're happy where
we are. It's unfortunate but we have to move on. It sucks.

BS: How did you hook up with Jennifer?
Jennifer Arroyo (bass): We all met at Farmclub a few years ago with my old band Spine. Played Farmclub, flew out there
and we met Kittie and played with Disturbed and Queens Of The Stone Age. And we just kept in contact ever since then.
Morgan: And when the shit hit the fan I think we gave Jen like...
Jennifer: I had two days to get my life together. Seriously I had like two days, rearranged everything and went straight to
Canada and that's it. And it's been and as far as I'm concerned I'm the luckiest person on earth because I've been doing this
for a long time. I've been on tour, I've had my highs and my lows and all that good stuff. And all my dues payed off cause
obviously I'm here and we're rocking and I think things are just awesome. People are like "what's it like? what's it like?" and I
tell them I'm the luckiest person on earth, you know definately.
Morgan: It's totally crazy! But it's all about taking those type of risks, right?
Jennifer: Yeah.
Morgan: Cause like I mean if you're not willing to throw caution into the wind and you know what I'm going to take this
chance. And go and do it and it could end up being really cool.
Jennifer: Yeah.

BS: What's the best and worst thing about touring?
Morgan: The best thing is...
All: Everything!
Mercedes: Even the bad stuff is good because there is always light. Something always of light has to happen even if
something bad happens. And the worst thing about touring is not being able to shit on the bus.
Jennifer: Yes!
Morgan: Yeah and dirty clothes too. You live in a suitcase, right so you can't always go do laundry and stuff so you can
wear clothes more than once. I don't like that cause I'm one of those weird peiple that's like "what's this?".
Jennifer: What do you think it is? I think one thing about touring is you have to be cut out for it. Even like dirty clothes and
stinky farty bunks and all that fun stuff. It's fun, it's funny!
Morgan: If you're not one of those people who can take it lightly.
Jennifer: If you can't take it lightly, it's not for you.

BS: If you could tour with anyone who would it be and why?
Mercedes: If we could open for a band it would be Metallica.
Morgan: Or Pantera, we never got to do that.
Mercedes: Yeah we did kind of.
Morgan: Yeah well yeah with Ozzfest but we never got to do the actual headlining tour.
Jennifer: I'd have to agree with you. If there was a group we could take out...
Mogran: Oh there's way too many, there's way to many. We're meeting them every day.
Jennifer: I would say one of my personal favorites like Lamb Of God. Eighteen Visions.

BS: Have you ever had any strange fan encounters?
Morgan: Strange fan encounters? We get some weird people, there's always strange people who are totally like into the band
and like crazy. But I don't know any weird fan encounters. Jennifer: There was a guy at Grand Rapids. I walk outside and he
wouldn't get off the ground bowling. I was trying to pull him up and he wouldn't get off. And he started taking his jacket off
and was trying to take his clothes off right in front of me and I was like "dude". Because you guys were inside and I was just
trying to get to the bus and this guy is just like "wah" and he's taking his jacket off. He had like two front teeth.
Mercedes: There was a this guy who took his eyeball off.
Jennifer: That was the very first show I did. This guy popped his eyeball out and he's like "yeah" and then he put it in his
mouth and he's like "ahh" right in the front.
Morgan: It was some yucky redneck guy. He was a total fan, he was totally into it.
Jennifer: It was tough looking at that though.

BS: What would you do if you were not in a band?
Mercedes: Probably living out of a BF5 van.
Jennifer: Oh god!
Morgan: Probably working at Hot Topic.
Jennifer: Yeah, I'd own Hot Topic. I'd probably run my own business.

BS: What do you do in your spare time?
Mercedes: Not much.
Jennifer: Practice.
Morgan: This takes up so much of our lives anyways, right. And that's not necessarily a bad thing. I like hanging out with
my friends. I like seeing people I haven't seen in a long time.

BS: What's the most embarrassing moment you have had on tour?
Morgan: You almost falling off the stage was pretty bad.
Jennifer: Yeah I almost fell during encore, but I didn't.
Mercedes: I've done so much stupid stuff I can't...
Jennifer: In my old band I fell off the stage at Brownies in New York. I fell off the stage and my head hit the wayy and I had
stitches right here.

BS: How is the tour going so far?
Morgan: Awesome! Tonight I think especiallys going to be like a great show.
Jennifer: I want to say yes because they were, we were supposed to play here before and you guys got snowed out here.
There was 7 feet of snow.
Morgan: I think the tickets will be sold out tonight or pretty close to.
Jennifer: I think one thing too it's the first night all the bands are together so there's like a really good vibe in the air. So I
think we're going to have a great show.

BS: Do you have any advice for an aspiring musician?
Morgan: Well keep going and don't give up. Just do your thing and you shouldn't let people tell you what's good and what's
not, what you should be doing, what's cool.
Jennifer: Play what you want and do what you want to do.
Morgan: And do it yourself too. Just waiting around going "oh we're going to move to LA so we can get signed!". Well that's
not going to get you signed, you know. Going out and...
Jennifer: Being a good band is going to get you signed. There are a lot of crappy bands signed.
Morgan: Make flyers, sell demos, hoo up with other people.
Mercedes: Use the internet.
Jennifer: Network as much as possible. I mean don't sit there and wait for a manager or a label to miraculously knock on
your door one day and hand you a contract. That is not going to happen.
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Kittie (left to right): Morgan Lander (vocals/guitar), Jennifer Arroyo (bass) & Mercedes Lander (drums)

photo & interview by: Maureen Benedict