Burning Stars: How did Lunatic Candy Kreep start?
Nicodemus (drums): LCK started back in '97 in Charlotte, NC when it was just Sunni, Cerial, Raggedy and Kid Kid.
Raggedy and Kid Kid left the band a couple years later. Spank and Knuggz stepped up on vocals and Can-pain brought
the group a new twist with sampling and keyboards. I fell in love with these freaks abotu Christmas of '99 when Sunni,
whom I was going to the Atlanta Institute Of Music with, asked me to learn a couple of tunes. A year later we're down
here in Florida bring the ruckus to Orlando.
Sunshine Sativa (bass): We were bored and wanted to make music that would one day be considered a great even for humanity.
Cerial (guitar/backing vocals): It began about 4-5 years in a bedroom in Rock Hill, SC. Kid Kid (the old singer),
Raggedy (old drummer), Giblet (old bass player) and myself started the band out of necessity. Rock Hill is a very small,
boring town and we had big dreams.

BS: Where did the name Lunatic Candy Kreep come from?
Nicodemus: I believe it stems from a psychologist's interview with a certain serial killar whom was described as a
"Lunatic Creep". Candy's there pretty much to fuck with people.
Sunshine: A psychiatrist's opinion on a renowned serial killer, we just threw Candy in there and changed the spelling
of Creep to Kreep.
Cerial: Out of the air. We just put together words that best described us. No huge meaning like other bands. I have heard
a rumor that there is an old comic book with the same title. If so, it is a very strange coincidence.

BS: What groups influence you?
Nicodemus: Many bands come to mind but I'd have to say that Tool, Pink Floyd, Pantera, Slipknot and The Beatles are
definately at the top of my list.
Sunshine: That answer could go on for days.
Cerial: I grew up with bands like Motley, Metallica, Slayers and Megadeth to name a few.

BS: How do you go about writing a song? Do you write the lyrics or the music first?
Nicodemus: Most of the time we write the music first. Spank and Knuggz throw out their ideas pretty much as we're playing.
Sunshine: It depends on how we feel and the situation.
Cerial: The first songs were all Kid's (music and words), good lyrics but very simply structured. Now it's totally a
different story, all out of chaos. It usually starts as a simple riff and grows or we just jam until it falls into place. Sometimes
it'll start as a few lines of words and we take it from that angle. Pretty much random I would say.

BS: Does one person write the songs or do you collaborate?
Nicodemus: Normally someone comes to practice with a riff or an idea in their head and we kind of go from there. Everyone
pretty much has a say in how they think the song should flow and what not. No one in this band is shy when it comes to that
kind of shit. If someone doesn't like a certain part or idea, it normally ends up getting changed.
Sunshine: We either fuck around and come up with something or we present ideas to each other and build on and around them.
Cerial: I think I answered that one in the last question before I read this one.

BS: What are the best and worst places you have ever played at?
Nicodemus: The best had to be my first show with the band at Tremont back in Charlotte. I remember walking out on
stage and seeing an ass-load of people all of which went insane when we started playing. The worst was probably this piece
of shit club in Atlanta that was ran very badly. I could probably go off on that place all day but I'll leave it at that.
Sunshine: No worst really. Some of the best have been right here in Florida but I can't answer that fairly considering
we have only played on the east coast.
Cerial: Some of the best- State Theater, St. Pete, Tremont Music Hall in Charlotte, in the middle of a parking lot, downtown
Orlando. Some of the worst- Brass Mugg, Tampa, pretty much the worst.

BS: Have you ever had any strange fan experiences?
Nicodemus: Not that I recall, although Spank did get a green sock in the mail from a fan one time. I thought that was pretty
damn strange.
Sunshine: Yes and that is all I am going to say about that one, heh.
Cerial: Not really, most of our fans are strange enough to make a normal person shit their pants. So the crazy shit is
every day for me now.

BS: What is the best gift you have ever received from a fan?
Nicodemus: Nothing really interesting comes to mind. I'd probably have to say the free drinks.
Sunshine: Seeing them at shows having the best time of their lives.
Cerial: Their virginity, believe it or not. if I accepted the gift or not is another story.

BS: What do you do in your spare time?
Nicodemus: Work out, write music on the computer, play guitar, read.
Sunshine: Masturbate and do all the drugs I can get my hands on.
Cerial: I have a small recording studio that I spend most of my spare time in.

BS: What would you be doing if you were not in a band?
Nicodemus: Probably writing in some form or fashion.
Sunshine: Begging for drugs and money on the streets of some major city.
Cerial: Probably rotting away in the same small town it all started in.

BS: Do you have any tips for aspiring musicians?
Nicodemus: Yes- find other musicians you like and can work with. If your not into what you're playing you're pretty much
wasting your time. Once you find something good practice as much as possible.
Sunshine: Do this if you love it! If you do it for any other reason you are fucked and you will probably self destruct in
denial that the world is not what you think or hope it will ever be.
Cerial: Lock yourself away for a couple of years and play. Don't listen to anyone else's shit and you'll have a completely
unique style.

BS: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
Nicodemus: Touring all over, playing with bands i love and meeting a lot of awesome people.
Sunshine: Sitting somewhere answering questions to e-mail interviews that someone sent me. No pun intended.
Cerial: At the Play Boy mansion with Fred Durst of course. Just kidding! Hopefully with our own full-blown studio and
a label. I want to be the next Trent Reznor and do it all- tour, produce, write,helping out smaller bands that are struggling
like I have.
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Lunatic Candy Kreep interview by: Maureen Benedict