Lit interview
*Maureen Benedict*
Waterstreet Music Hall * Rochester, NY * December 8, 2001
BurningStars: How is the tour going so far?
A. Jay Popoff (vocals):
The tour so far has been awesome. We've got maybe two weeks left. Been out for three weeks. But
we're pretty stoked to be playing new songs, you know. We toured for about almost two years on A Place In The Sun. Then we
went home, we chilled for a little while and wrote some new songs, made a new album. So it's like doing it all over again, I
mean it feels fresh again.

BS: Do you argue a lot on tour?
A. Jay:
Actually, usually when we're on tour we're like doing what we love so we tend to get along more on the road then when
we're at home. It's sickening, we get along most of the time, you know.

BS: Do you miss being away from home?
A. Jay:
Not when we're out in short runs, like anything more than a month I start to miss home. But we're definately going to
try to like you know when we're out for like three-four weeks to go home for a day or two and then go back out just to keep
it...stay grounded you know.

BS: Have you ever had any strange fan encounters?
A. Jay:
There's been a lot of them. I can't really place any of them right now. I guess it it's a fan encounter it's not really all that
strange. It's just you know usually if it's a fan it's a cool thing. If it's just some deranged freak then it's scary, then it's weird. We
usually run into positive fan experiences.

BS: What is the best gift you have received from a fan?
A. Jay:
Anything Elvis! I've gotten a lot of Elvis shit, which I collect Elvis stuff, so never have too much.

BS: What is the best thing about touring?
A. Jay:
Playing live. And the second best thing is meeting people who really dig what we do for a living and hearing what they
have to say about us. I think that's incredible

BS: What is the worst thing about touring?
Kevin Baldes (bass):
The worst thing? being away from your friends and family. And drinking too much and getting worn
out. And getting sick on the road is by far the worst thing. Being sick on the road is a no no bad bad. Got to take your vitamin

BS: What would you be doing if you were not in a band?
I would be in a shittier band back home, still trying to like be where I am today.

BS: Do you have any advice for an aspiring musician?
If you can find some bros that you can deal with stick with them and do what's true. And compromise with the other
guys and put a plan together and execute that plan. You know, promote, work on your song writing, make things better, take
advice from other people and really stick it out you know. And try to get along cause it's hard man, being in a band is really
hard to have to deal with other people.

BS: What is the best tour you have been on so far?
Our headlining tour! It was amazing to play across the country and have a thousand, two thousand people come out
and see us. It was an incredible feeling for sure!

BS: Any last words?
Jeremy Popoff (guitar/vocals):
I think you all are full of shit!
Kevin: I have six hours to get some sleep and hop on a plane and go to Tucson and then hop on another plane. No I got to hop
on a plane, go to Tucson, play a show, hop on another plane and go back to Philedelphia and do another show. And I got six
hours of sleep I got to get so I love you all and I'll talk to you later. Ok bye. Happy holidays! Ok bye. Happy New Year! Ok
bye. Happy Chanukah! Ok bye.