BurningStars: How did the band start?
Paul Remund (drums): Well, as I recall.... It was a nice beautiful Saturday afternoon and I ran into Tim(lead guitar) at my
place of work, he was playing in an acoustic band with another guy, and he invited me to watch them play a coffee shop. So I
checked it out and I liked what I saw, so I asked if they needed a drummer, they said we could jam when they get back from
a quick tour to Texas and back. So they went on tour and met Matt in Texas and asked him to move to California to play
bass. Matt kinda laughed and said “no thanks”, but like a month later after I joined the band our singer at the time quite, so
we called Matt back and said “dude you get to sing too”! He ended up moving here and we played for like a month until we
got Dustin and Kyle to quit their band, and join ours. Haha, that was way too long.
BS: How would you describe your music to someone who is not familiar with your band?
Paul: "ROCKNROLL that will shake your bones, and rattle your soul". No its just straight forward rock, with more catchy
melodies, and lots of hair.

BS: What was the first song you wrote as a band?
Paul: It’s the first song off our record, and the first song of our set, formerly known as “Lakeside”... now we like to call it
“Lights Out”.

BS: Where do you get the inspirations for your songwriting?
Paul: Well, we all write individually, so I can speak for myself when I say they definitely came from just everyday
experiences, songs are just ways to express your moods, feelings, and ideas you cant express in any other form.

BS: What is your favourite city to do a show in?
Paul: Wow, there are seriously a lot of cool cities to play in, for mainly one reason, and that's the kids, it could be a crappy
club and I could screw up every song, but when the kids are cool and into it, it makes the show. But if I had to pick one I
would say San Diego, cause that's kinda where we started.

BS: Your debut album, The Bridge is coming out soon, what was your favorite song on it and why?
Paul: Definitely, “When You’re Away”, cause it was a song I wrote a while back, and I thought it would be too different to be
a Letter Kills song. But everyone in the band added to it, and made it freakin' sweet, like the bastard child of U2, Radiohead,
and uhhh Letter Kills? I don’t know.

BS: How would you describe your time in the studio?
Paul: It was fun, but grueling, especially for me since I was done with my drum tracks in like 4 days, and had to hang around
and play grand theft auto for another month, it was cool though, I moved out for the first time, we lived in an apartment in
Santa Monica for a month, overall rating......* * * *

BS: What did you listen to when you were growing up?
Paul: I grew up with my dad listening to CCR and the Beatles, but the first cds I bought were Nirvana, and Stone Temple

BS: What was the last cd you bought?
Paul: The last cd I bought was... Frank Black And The Catholics, "Dog In The Sand". Great cd, buy it right now!

BS: What is the best rumor you have heard about your band?
Paul: Haha, probably that we have a likeness to Guns N Roses, that would definitely be a good rumor.

BS: Do you ever play pranks on each other or the other bands while touring?
Paul: Ya know, were not really "pranksters", but we do have fun!

BS: What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
Paul: I once shot a man. in Reno.

BS: What is the best gift you have received from a fan?
Paul: I don't except gifts from fans. No I just don't get them. Yes I know, poor me. I take that back. I got a rubber band
actually, from a sweet girl.

BS: Ever had any strange fan encounters?
Paul: Yes actually, after we played a show, some kid offered to buy me dinner, so I was like yeah sure that would be cool, he
said he would drive, I was like, sweet. so we were going to Fridays, or I thought we were, until he changed his mind and said
his uncle could cook really good steak, and I’m a sucker for steak, so he said “yeah I’ll just take you to my uncles house”, I
was like “uhhh you know I should probably pass”, he got all mad, cussed me out, and dropped me off at the corner, like 10
miles away, after a hefty ten dollar cab ride I was ok. but still.

BS: Do you have any funny tour stories or embarrassing moments you would like to share?
Paul: Yes! We were in New Hampshire last winter, and we stopped at a gas station, and I got out of the van to go pee. So I’m
walking inside and this old man opens the door for me, and I thank him and instead of walking in, I get stuck on something
and go to pull free, and my pants rip right up the front, keep in mind I was not wearing underwear, yeah. And there was a
large line of people staring at me. Bad news.

BS: What do you do in your spare time?
Paul: I love art, so I like sketching, and I’m a poet, not by choice. I was just born with probably one of the best poetic styles I
have ever seen.

BS: Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?
Paul: Rehab. No, no, I see my self on billboards, and in movies, and pretty much ruling the world!

BS: Do you have any questions for me?
Paul: Yes, are you female, if so are you brunette, if so are you between the ages of 18 and 25, if so are you single, if so do you
want to hang out.

BS: Any last words?
Paul: Please refer to me as Rico for now on, my buddy Josh from Motion City Soundtrack renamed me.
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Letter Kills interview by: Maureen Benedict