My American Heart interview
*Maureen Benedict*
The Icon *Buffalo, NY*  November 15, 2005 Say your name, what you do in the band & something about yourself.
My name is Dustin, I play bass and lately I’ve been watching the OC a lot.

BS: Your album, The Meaning In Makeup came out in September what was the toughest part of recording?
I wasn’t there. I’ll answer it for the guys. The toughest part of recording was the stress of certain parts. Like
getting a certain part right. There’d be like ten twenty takes.  Like Jesse said “I’ve never smoked so many cigarettes in my
life when in the studio.”

BS: Pick a song off your cd & tell us about it.
“Poison”. We play it last every day, we feel like it’s most meaningful. It’s about drugs, but to be honest it’s
negatively about drugs. When the writing process was going on, Jesse was straightedge and he felt really uncomfortable
the whole time cause the guys were smoking and drinking and he felt really uncomfortable about that. And so he wrote
the song “Poison” which you know “your poison’s so played out and all the love from your heart beating has left me cold,
has left me out”. He just felt really left out, really uncomfortable cause he was the only one who wasn’t into that stuff.

BS: How did you go about picking  “The Process” as the first single?
Well The Meaning In Makeup evolves around “The Process” pretty much. The Meaning In Makeup is all about
being real, you know the message being sent is to be real and saying girls who wear so much makeup are just hiding, you
know they’re just hiding themselves.  And “The Process” kind of sums up the whole record in one song.

BS: You were on Taste Of Chaos & the Warped Tour this year, what was it like touring with bands like The
Used, My Chemical Romance, The Transplants, etc?
Oh my gosh, it was extremely intimidating because just a year ago we’re all sitting around thinking “wow The
Used is so awesome” and the next year we’re on the same tour as them.

BS: What did you like most about Warped Tour and why?
The one thing about Warped Tour because it really reminded me of how work pays off. Every morning I was up
at 7-8am out posting posters and passing out flyers and selling cds and then we’d play that day and after we played we’d
have to sell merch. Then at the end of the day we’d have to pack up all our stuff and just move on to the next day.  And
we did it all in a van, drove every night so it was rough.

BS: What were the best & worst things about the tour?
The worst things about Warped Tour were the heat and dust were definitely.  Picture being on a baseball field
how much dust rises like that and then like the heat.  You’re doing this for three months straight but it’s part of getting
the response from people.

BS: How has this tour been going so far?
This tour has been amazing.  There’s been some hit or miss shows but

BS: What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
The craziest thing I’ve ever done was I left the band I was in for two and a half years in one day and joined this
BS: What was your other band called?
Transition. They’re really good.

BS: If you were invisible for a day where would you go & what would you do?
What would I do if I were invisible? I’d go play in the middle of the ocean. Wait if I’m invisible can I die?
BS: No.
Alright I want to go to the bottom of the ocean and find treasure. Cause if someone dropped a million dollar coin
in the ocean no one’s going to get it, but I’m going to get it.

BS: Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?
Five years. I pray I’ll still be on the road

note: There was a lot of background noise, I tried to translate this as best I could.