Motion City Soundtrack interview by: Sarah Herman
BurningStars: Say your name, what you do in the band and something about yourself?
Jesse Johnson (keyboard): I’m Jesse, I play keyboards, and I’m a Gemini.
Josh Cain (guitar/vocals): I’m Josh, I play guitar, and I like long walks on the beach.

BS: Did you do anything different on your latest album; Commit This to Memory, than you did on your previous album?
Josh: This time we actually had time and money.  So it’s like, you know, when you are told how a record is made, when I was
younger, you know what I mean. This time around we did that more; it was more like what you expect. The first record was
kind of like a rush through it, we have no time, we have no money, we suck, we need to figure out how to be good, and we
totally don’t know what we are doing. This time we kind of know what we’re doing. It was a little more relaxed, I think.

BS: What was your favorite song to record?
Josh: To actually record, I actually liked to record “Time Turned Fragile”, because of the, there’s a lot of experimenting in the
ending, to try to make it sound cool, there was just some things we stumbled on that I thought were really cool things that are
unique to the recording I think. I don’t know what Jesse’s favorite is.
Jesse: I don’t know. “Attractive Today” was fun in the beginning when we starting doing the lairing with the keyboards. I don’t
even know if that ever made it on the record.
Josh: It was awesome too, because it was the first song because we did song by song, so like “Attractive Today” was basically
done in the first few days of recording, we had already finished that song, it was kind of cool to hear a song done that early in
the process.

BS: So did you decide to release “Everything Is Alright” as your first single or was that the label’s decision?
Josh: It’s a collective thing. We kind of look at the popiest songs on the record. We all give it some time. No one talks about it
right away. And then we have people that we pay that are our managers that try to influence what we do, and they came up.
We went back and forth with a couple of songs, “Everything is Alright” even the drums are catchy, so it’s like there’s no way to
go wrong.
BS: You got to draw people in.
Jesse: We got to try.
Josh: We got to try, but we don’t get many chances. Otherwise, if we had chances we would have released another song first
and then “Everything is Alright” and try to like, you know? But we don’t get many chances with our type of band.

BS: So how do you think this tour is going?
Jesse: Good. The venues that the tour is going to and the amount of kids that are coming. It’s like, it’s pretty awesome. This is
one of the larger tours we have done in the states as far as the amount of kids coming to the shows.
Josh: And it’s been great with everything. We tend to get lucky in our touring, and we get great tours, and there’s like little
segments here and there but it helps it as a whole across the entire nation, and I think this tour is going to help us do that. We
got to play Myrtle Beach for the first time. We played South Carolina for the first time.
Jesse: North
Josh: South, Myrtle Beach is South Carolina?
BS: Yes
Jesse: All the emails say. I’ve been so confused today, because we have been getting emails about seeing us in North Carolina.
Josh: Those kids are smoking crack. (j/k!)
Jesse: Maybe they are from North Carolina.

BS: What would your dream tour be?
Jesse: Josh and mine would probably be very different except for The Pixies, let’s see here. I like there’s a new band called Say
Anything that I really like, they would be awesome to tour with. Maybe Bjork, Radiohead would be okay, and I’ve always been
a big fan of Elvis Costello.
Josh: I wouldn’t mind that either.

BS: So what’s your guilty pleasure?
Jesse: Pearl Jam. I still like Pearl Jam.
Josh: Kelly Clarkson “Since U Been Gone” because it is a good song.

BS: What is the best rumor you have heard about your band?
Josh: That Justin is Asian.
Jesse: It was an interview and it said that I was hired as a touring musician and keyboardist for this record.
Josh: One about Justin being French Canadian.

BS: Do you have any embarrassing moments you would like to share:
Jesse: The last show on our headlining tour in the UK, I played the entire show until the second to last song with my fly down,
and people were writing about it on the message board.

BS: Have you had any weird fan encounters?
Jesse: No
Josh: We just get interesting gifts.

BS: What are your plans after this tour?
Josh: We are going to try to take some time off, and about a month and a half later we will come back on the road. We are
going to do a whole US tour when we come back.

BS: Referencing an issue of “Blender Magazine” you referred to yourselves as groupie repellant, what is that all about?
Jesse: Because most of us have long-standing girlfriends and we don’t really hang out with girls on tour.
Josh: We don’t walk around like gods, and be like “hey, look at me, I am a hottie.”
BS: Do you really want groupies.
Josh: No, we like friends.

BS: Do you have any questions for me?
Josh: Nope, I think we are good.
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