Burning Stars: You formed about two years ago. Can you
introduce yourselves and tell me how the band formed?
James Vegas:
The band was originated when members nXe, and
Shep traveled coast to coast, from California to Florida, to meet
up with singer James Vegas. Though it almost all ended before
even getting started, as Bass player Shep was forced to
abandon his dreams and return home for personal reasons.  

Forming the band “Avenging Addison”, JV and nXe continued to
rise through the local music ranks. Going through multiple
members trying to find the right line up, the boys continued
searching for a group of guys with the same spark that they held.
Carrying on with the path and heart of the group, they managed
to scoop up current guitarist, Marti Rubels in 2007.

After getting together with Rubels, they decided to tear apart
“Avenging Addison” and start from scratch. Without hesitating,
they began working, even though they were still short a
complete band. After what became an entire year spent hiding
away from the music scene, writing and rewriting, everything
seemed to come together in 2008.

When the time felt right, despite the fact MDE still lacked a final
lineup; they began playing any show they could get a hold of.
Through high energy performances where nothing is held back,
the band began landing Florida’s most important venues within a
month. Around this time, in a type of twist only found in books,
one of the biggest and best surprises came with the return of
Shep from California.

Everything had finally fallen into place for the Modern Day Escape
bass player, and it seemed the same could be said for the group.
So they took off, throwing caution to the wind and touring coast
to coast. The road seemed to throw every obstacle possible at
them, finally stranding them in California; but what seemed like a
curse was really a blessing. As random as every other member
had come into the group, within weeks of breaking down in
Hollywood, they met drummer Tony. The group caught him only a
month before he planned leaving his temporary home in LA, to
return to his home in the UK.

BS: You released your self-titled 7-song EP in May. Tell me
about it.
Hmmm our e.p. was a blast to make we recorded the album
with producer's (Cameron Mizell and Mike Rakcozy at Chango
Studios in Orlando, Florida) and it was like going to the doctor ya
know they were so nice to work and considerate of every lil detail
and they both are extremely talented they helped us harness the
sound we were trying to capture, the e.p. it self, its sound is
different with each song we definitely have poured our hearts
into making the record and each song tells a different story
ranging from "Beauty Killed The Beast" which is written about the
true story of Peter Pan before Disney got a hold of it hahaha and
made it a kids movie all the way to "March Of The Dead" which is
written about 2 young lovers caught in a zombie infestation and
trying to make it out alive.

BS: Approximately how many songs did you write for the
album and how did you decide on the 7 you chose to be on the
We originally had 11 songs for the album so we chose the 7
most diverse songs we could outta the bunch and put them on
the e.p. because we wanted to diversify our fan base :) the other
everyone will have to wait for the full length. ;)

BS: What was your favorite song to write or record and why?
Hmmm good question.....I personally have to say the most
fun to write would have had to be for me "Parley" because its so
high energy, nXe and I were in band practice one day and we
went upstairs at our managers house (Martin Steinke "Papa Bear
Entertainment") where we practice. with an acoustic guitar in
hand ... we were trying to hammer out a riff for another song we
were writing at the time and he started messing with these
single notes and I freaked out and made him play it over and
over again for like 20 mins and I wrote lyrics to it and I had been
looking for an excuse to write a song with the words "castle
walls" and something about pirates and it just seemed to click
and we rocked it out in like a day and that was the funnest song
to write/play.

BS: "March Of The Dead" was chosen as the single and video
for the EP. Why did you chose that one to represent the
album? Tell me about the video.
Actually thats a funny story hahaha it honestly just kinda
happened we didn't really mean for it to be the single. What
happened was we were approached by a local t.v. show "The
Edge" we were being
featured on and the film crew (Aaron Champion and Ryan Duffy  
who was featured in the Cartel video "Honestly")  that shot the
video for it asked if we were interested in shooting a music video
ever and we said sure we would love to so we drew up the story
bard for it and it took 2 days of 10 hours or so each day out in
the middle of no where Florida in the 100 degree summer heat
hahaha........ to give you a lil low down of the story of the video it
self we obviously couldn't get a budget large enough to hold
actors and extras and make up and costume and such to tell the
true tale of the meaning so we sat down and drew out the story
board of something a lil bit more feasible in our budget and still
be able to get the point .. its starts off with a hooded figure
killing something and the story continues on as the figure drags
the body bag through the woods only in the end to dump it in a
hole and light it on fire, the point is it was me killing all our band
members and myself included and it gives subtle hints through
out the video but I dunno if anyone got it exactly but the point of
it was "that being a musician these day's drives you to the grave,
it literally drains you of everything".

BS: You recently made a lineup change. How did you meet
Tony and what made you decide he was the guy you wanted
for the job?
Hahaha oh lordy hmmmm Tony Huh aka "Johny Rocker" that
kid is craaaazy hahahah he  defines the term"rockstar" with his
cool accent  the kid is from Wales of course haha not much to say
he fits like a glove he is the last and final member to Modern Day
Escape...his drumming skills are amazing and his drive is
unmatched we couldn't have asked for a better drummer :) as for
how we met him I guess Marty Rubels and nXe were at a party
and he stumbled in the door drunk and Marty randomly asked
him at the party if he played drums and Tony's answer as he
laughed was "ya mon I'll shite all over your drums" and it was
then we knew this kid was gonna tear the stage up with us.

BS: Today you posted a bulletin saying you will be finishing
writing for the full length and recording it when you get home
in a few weeks.  How much have you written so far?  When do
you expect the album to be released by?
Yes we did post a bulletin saying that and we have already
started writing new music for it as we speak, we have written
approximately 12 songs so far and we are working on writing
more we want to have at least 18 or so songs and we will
choose the 12 best that fit our style for this album. As for a
release date we are looking to have it by summer of 2009 right
before Warped Tour and all I can say is ....."we hope you are
wearing depends when you listen to it, cause you are gonna shit
yourself". We are working really hard and being very specific on
each track and making sure we captivate the audiences ear
drums with each song........ the best way to describe it is "epic".

BS: What is the craziest thing each of you have done?  And
what is the craziest thing one of your fans has done?
Crazyiest thing we have ever done hmmm???? Well most of
our stories start with a lil bordem and a Lotta alcohol
hahahahahaha ok lets start with me....I'd say the ultimate
craziest thing I have ever done is found 6 other guys as nutty as
myself and started a band with em and decided to travel the
country trying to make a living off of making music. :D
Let's see we used to have a 2 story house when the band first
started and it was the house of insane antics hahaha we would
have parties there and when we would get bored of entertaining
people the band would bust out our air soft guns and shut the
power off in the house and start shooting anything that moved,
people were freaking out running out the back patio jumping out
of windows and stuff we have a fire escape ladder on the side of
the house kids were climbing out it I decided it was a good idea
"keep in mind I had a few to many" that I wanted to scale the
house using a grappling hook and I swung to left to climb into
nXe's room and my foot flew threw the first story window like
something out of a batman movie. Ahahah I dunno I could go on
for days hahahaha!!!!!

BS: What can fans expect from Modern Day Escape for the
remainder of 2008?
Hmmm well we have a small tour from California to Florida
called "Not My House Tour" we are doing and also we just
hooked up with Amp Magazine and one of our songs will be
featured on a compilation album they have coming out soon that
will be sold coast to coast. Also our fans can just expect us to be
writing an amazing album for their listening enjoyment and the
should expect to talk to us because we always respond to
everything they say.  :) All messages and comments always....
and if our fans watch the up and coming seasons of (Keeping Up
With The Kardashions, Bad Girls Club, Real World Road Rules)
they can expect to hear some of our music featured on those t.v.
shows as well.

BS: Do you have anything else you would like to add that
maybe we didn't cover in the interview or any final words for
your fans?
Yeah sure we would like to say thank you to our recent
sponsorships (Malus Clothing, Ecksist Clothing, Hair To Break
Hearts, Mike McDougal Photography, Ace Of Hearts Tattoo, Axiom
Tattoo) and to all our fans and friends that support us thank you
so much.....don't forget with out you guys we would be nothing
we owe it to you guys <3333333333333333333333333333333