Burning Stars: Say your name, your position in the band & an interesting fact about yourself.
Nick Gigler (drums): My name is Nick Gigler, I play drums in the band Mest and an interesting thing about myself is I’m the
sexiest fat guy you’ll ever see or meet.

BS:  Do you think your new album, Photographs, is doing as well as you anticipated?
Nick: No not at all, hence the break up. No definitely not. But it’s partly due to the fact that the record industry is just so
fucked right now.  Nobody buys records, you know, everybody fucking downloads shit. I do. Everybody I know does, you
BS: You think it’s all because of the internet?
Nick: I don’t think it’s all because of the internet.  I don’t think everyone in the world loves our band and they download it.
But I think a lot of people for sure. I’d probably about three times as many people who bought the record listen to the record.  
I don’t even know what it sold, maybe 30,000 or something. I’d say about 90,000 own the record.
BS: That’s all it sold?
Nick: I think so. Actually I don’t even know.

BS: You worked with John Feldman again on this album, what is it you like most about working with him?
Nick: Personally I think he pushes me to play better. You know we’d be doing shit and he’d be like “Do something else,
something better.”  I’ll try something and won’t be able to do it and he’s pacing and saying “Do it again! Do it again!” until I
can do something cool. He’s good.

BS: You have met success as an underground band, why have you decided to call it quits?
Nick: Cause I want to be a rapper, pretty much.  I’ve been rap for a little while now but I’m going to hundred percent do it.
Plus other reasons is the record’s not doing well, two guys in the band aren’t really into it anymore. You know, not that it’s
really about money or anything. But we really don’t make money. I don’t have a house or a nice car or anything.

BS:  Do any of you plan on doing anything music wise in the near future?
Nick: Yeah like I said I already have a group called The Diners Club and we do shows around Chicago.  I did a recording of it
so it’s not really that great but it’s okay.  It’s online and shit.  And got cds and after this tour is when I’ll really seriously call
everyone I know in the business and labels and send it out to them.  And tell everybody about the website and blah blah
blah.  The website is diners club music dot com.  That’s just kind of right now getting good stuff on it. We’ve had it for a while
but there really hasn’t been shit on it but now there’s songs and pictures and email and all that stuff. Information.

BS:  Is there any chance you would have a comeback tour in the future?
Nick: I could see that.  If we had a good tour and Jeremiah would have to be into it. Replacing two members it wouldn’t really
be Mest.  There’s not much of a point to do that.  Like Matt is not on this tour right now, our bass player Matt.  He’s at home,
he’s got a kid and a wife and everything.  So he’s not out.  Yeah as long as Jeremiah was down and it was a good tour.
Worthy, you know it wasn’t going to be some stupid.  I’m sure we would.

BS: What was your most memorable experience as a band over the bands career?
Nick: The most memorable expierence. One time we played in Hartford and Dee Snider came out and sang with us and we
played “We’re Not Gonna Take It” by Twisted Sister.  That was fucking sweet!  And it’s on videotape and I fucked up.  Every
tour is a memorable experience really.  It’s so great.  Been very lucky to do it for as long as we have. We’ve been touring for
like six years. Been in the band for like ten, over ten. Just time to move on a little bit. A little bitter sweet, you know. We got to
do other things, kind of have to but at the same time I get a little sad every set.

BS:  Is there anything different on this tour tour to make it more memorable?
Nick: I come out and rap in the middle of the set, which is pretty cool. It kind of sucks cause my throats fucked up. Yesterday
my throat was fucked up like this and I came out and did it and my voice my clear, which was kind of sweet.  We’re doing
that different, different bass player which is pretty different.  I’d still say he’s not a hundred percent but he’s getting there.  
We didn’t have many days to practice, we got back from Japan before this tour and we had about four or five days at home.  
He flew out and we practiced like three times with him.  First show was really rough in Grand Rapids, second show was better
in Detroit. Yesterday was Pittsburgh and today’s the forth show.

BS:  How did you go about picking your new single, “Kiss Me Kill Me”?
Nick: Oh the “Kiss Me, Kill Me” one. We thought Jeremiah’s never had a single so we thought something different we’d have
one of his songs be a single. I thought it was kind of catchy I guess. Plus everybody’s kind of fucking into that dark, kill me,
kind of death shit these days. So we thought we’d give it a shot, that whole band wagon angle you know.

BS: What is the craziest thing a fan has done to meet you guys?
Nick: Crazy thing a fan’s done to meet us?  We used to do it a while ago over at our merch booth if kids wanted a t-shirt or
something but didn’t have any money we’d say, “If you pee your pants we’ll give you a free t-shirt!” and I thought it was
pretty sweet.  A surprising amount of people have done it. Like it wasn’t just once, I’d say about a good ten times throughout
two tours.  It was ridiculous to see somebody just piss themselves.  There’s a lot of Mest tattoos out there which is fucking
mind blowing to me. One kid’s got a huge on his back. I’ve probably seen about twenty Mest tattoos. It’s fucking amazing!

BS:  Are there any final words you want to tell your fans?
Nick: Final words? Well thank you, I guess would be a couple words. It’s been great! Everybody that’s always come out to the
shows and bought the records, downloaded the records and listened to them. Either way as long as you’re listening. And we’
re going to still be doing music projects. Me and Tony are probably still going to write. We’ve been writing for ten years so I’
m sure we’ll still write some stuff. And he’ll of course still be doing stuff.  I think he wants to do a solo project or something.
Check out The Diners Club, diners club music dot com, baby! Hungry hip hop.
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Mest interview by: Maureen Benedict