BurningStars: Where did the new album title A Jackknife To A Swan come from?
Joe Gittleman (bass/vocals): It is the title of one of the songs on the record, a friend suggested we call the album that. -- It's an
old boxing term.

BS: How was it playing the Van's Warped Tour this year?
Joe: Awesome! Lots of fun. I sold iced coffee backstage so I kept busy and got to see everybody, every day.

BS: What are the best and worst things about touring?
Joe: It's all fun!

BS: If you could tour with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
Joe: The Clash, of course.

BS: Any embarrassing moments while touring?
Joe: One time we were playing outdoors and Dicky's toupee blew off.

BS: What are the best and worst places you ever played at?
Joe: Best: Middle East Cambridge, The Rat in Boston, First Ave Minneapolis, The Outhouse in Lawrence Kansas. Worst: Any
college gym anywhere.

BS: Which are better: indoor or outdoor shows? large venues or small clubs?
Joe: I like playing in a club.

BS: What is your favourite city to do a show in?
Joe: Boston!

BS: Any funny touring stories you would like to share?
Joe: See #5. No just kidding. It's not a toupee!!

BS: Have you had any strange fan encounters?
Joe: No, but there is this guy in Japan who has a tattoo of Ben, the dancing guy.

BS: What are the best gifts you have received from a fan?
Joe: Stuff they have made, Bosstones action figures, banners, drawings and cookies.

BS: This one is from a reader: Why do you always wear suits and ties?
Joe: We wanted to look different. Back when we started no one was doing that kind of thing. Now we wear suits to help hide
the beer bellies.

BS: What is in your CD player right now?
Joe: I like the new Hot Water Music record. But right now The Street Dogs, original Dropkicks singer Mike's new band is in my
cd player.
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Mighty Mighty Bosstones interview by: Maureen Benedict