Burning Stars: Give  us a history lesson of Morningwood.
Chantal Claret (vocals): and on the 7th day G-d rested and it was good, cause there was WOOD.

BS: I've seen you guys live a couple  times, where do you get the courage to do what you do on stage, such as  touching and
stripping people?
Chantal: It doesn't require courage it requires BALLS.   I've got the biggest pair of balls in the band, i just moved them
upwards. It is a fine art of picking out the right person who willing to get their fine asses down to the bare minimum.   You
are looking for a sexy risktaker who you can still keep in line.

BS: Is it annoying when people go onstage and  then don't do what you want them to do?
Chantal: Sometimes it is suprising and fun when people get on stage and do something interesting but when people get up
for a song called "TAKE OFF YOUR CLOTHES" and then act shocked that they are expected to . . TAKE OFF THEIR
CLOTHES, that pisses the shit out me. . .

BS: Who has influenced you  personally and/or musically?
Chantal: Personally, my mom, my best friends, my family and my tour crush.   Musically, everyone, either with what TO
DO or what NOT TO DO.

BS: If you were not in a band, what would you  be doing?
Chantal: I would be making porno movies (directing them) or working in a video store

BS: What song do you enjoy playing live the most?
Chantal: I think I enjoy Body 21 or Easy the most, they feel good to sing and dance to.

BS: What is  the best and worst thing about touring?
Chantal: The best thing is playing every night and then meeting people before and after, the worse thing is every single other

BS: What is in the future for  Morningwood?
Chantal: We are going to europe for some festivals and then we shall pause for a moment to recollect our thoughts and
perhaps tour again or perhaps record some music.

BS:  What band have you enjoyed sharing the stage with the most  so far?
Chantal: Mindless Self Indulgence and The Lashes.

BS:  What was it like making the CD?
Chantal: Drunk. . . oh no wait, that was me.

BS:  Any last  words?
Chantal: "the only art worth talking about is the art one happens to like".   I didn't write that.
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Morningwood interview by: Julie Magyar