Burning Stars: Introduce yourself to all of the people who visit the site and
tell them something about you that you feel they should know!
Brandon Thomas: I'm Brandon Thomas and I like gummy bears in my yogurt

BS: Most people know you as the front-man for Bleed the Dream, when you
made the transition from BTD to Oshianis to Phantom Communique did you
notice a difference in how people saw you as a musician? (since all the bands
sound different)
Brandon: When I parted ways with Bleed The Dream I wasn't sure how people
would see me or hear my music, Oshianis only lasted for one summer before I
decided to move back to Maryland to find the music I wanted to play and the
guys I wanted to play it with. I knew I wanted to go back to heavier more
aggressive music, but I also knew I had found a side of myself I didn't know
was there while in Bleed The Dream.

BS: You're currently recording in LA, how is the process this time around
with the phantom boys? Do you have a release date in mind?
Brandon: The recording process is smooth as could be with these boys. that's
why I picked them, very professional but at the same time they are passionate
and driven. They believe in what we are doing as much as I do and none of us
are scared to get in and get our hands dirty.

BS: Do you write songs before you go into the studio to record? Every
band/musician is different so can you shed some light on your writing process
(do you need to be alone or do you work best on the road)? How many songs
have you written and is there a favorite?
Brandon: This time around we had all the songs ready to go when we went in
to record. We put in the time and work before hands so we could spend more
time on sounds and tones in the studio.

BS: Which do you prefer, being in the studio or being on tour? Or perhaps
you love both, but if you were to pick one or the other could you tell us who
you'd like to have studio time with or who you'd like to tour with and why?
Funny you should ask that, all the guys around here are studio rats if
you will. They live to be in the studio and tweak on tones and new equipment
and such. They geek out and speak a language I do not understand. I'm a road
dog....I like to wake up in a strange place and deal with new people on a daily. I
go fuckin nuts if I'm in one place to long. besides, I do this to be on stage, not to
be locked in a house on the hill worried about if my voice is raspy or not, I live
to perform. And if I could tour with anyone it would be Faith No More.

BS: You have been in different bands for about 10 years, what has been the
most memorable experience and why?
Brandon: I would have to say making this record. the path that lead me here
was memorable but being here and now is exiting, I feel fresh and I have a
whole new out look on things.

BS: What's the weirdest/craziest thing that has ever happened to you while
you were on tour? Was it something a fan did or said or was it totally random
by someone who had no idea who you were? Where did this happen?
Brandon: Wow...if I told you all those stories.. I'd be in jail. but if ya get a few
drinks in me I might be more inclined to squeal. I will say this, I have had quite
a few crazy things happen to me in London Ont. for sure.

BS: You've toured all over the world with the various bands you've been in,
where is your favorite place to tour and why?
Brandon: I'd say Japan was my fav. The people are so nice and the food and
drink kick ass to. I loved it there, can't wait to go back.

BS: Back to a more serious note, what should phantom fans expect this year?
There's the CD and a tour to promote it, but do you have anything else
Brandon: We will release the CD in late spring/early summer and we will be out
touring on it in the U.S. Canada and the rest of the world.

BS: Is there anything else that you'd like to add or tell the kids that may be
reading this? Any last words or final thoughts, if you will?
Brandon: The record will be called THE WOLF AND THE SHEEP and we put
allot of love, hate, blood sweat and tears in to this thing and we hope you guys
like it enough to come see us.
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