Placebo Are Loud Like Love In Los Angeles
Club Nokia
Los Angeles, CA
October 24, 2014

It has been about 7 years since rock band Placebo brought the Meds Tour to the United
States and this time they returned to support their 7th studio album,
Loud Like Love.  After
having to cancel their US tour for
Battle For The Sun, they were finally able to make it back
with new drummer Steve Forrest.  Fans new and old of all ages had been waiting outside the
venue since the early hours of the morning and some had even flown in from places like
Canada, Australia, Sweden, etc to catch the final date of the US tour.  One thing the band has
always had is hardcore dedicated fans across the globe that will follow them from city to city
and country to country to show their support.  Brian Molko, Stefan Olsdal and Steve Forrest
are really appreciative of their fans dedication and love for them and thank them every chance
they get.  A little before the band were due to grace the stage the fans started chanting and
screaming for Placebo before one by one the band take the stage during a “Pure Morning”
intro, a hit that has been absent from recent set lists.  The lighting during their set was bright
and colourful like the new album artwork which really complimented the music. They kicked off
their set with “B3” and “For What It’s Worth” and put in a nice contrast of new songs off
Like Love
and a lot of fan favourites from some of their earlier albums including “Every You
Every Me”, “Special K”, “The Bitter End” and “Twenty Years”.  Fans sang and clapped along to
every song played throughout the almost 2 hour set.  Brian was very interactive with the
crowd the entire night and dedicated “One Of A Kind” to everyone that came out to the
show.  He’s got a very strong stage presence and really knows how to get the crowd going.  
The band took a short break while “Bosco” played and the fans chanted for more songs as
the band returned to the stage for an encore.  They wrapped up the set with “Post Blue” and
“Infra-Red” and the band all came out onto the center of the stage took hands and bowed for
the fans and thanking them repeatedly before exiting the stage.  The set was nothing short
of perfect and they put on one of the best live sets I have ever seen.  After watching old
performances online you can really tell that founders Brian and Stefan have really come into
their own and are more confident on stage over the years.

Intro (Pure Morning)
For What It's Worth
Loud Like Love
Every You Every Me
Scene Of The Crime
A Million Little Pieces
Twenty Years
Too Many Friends
Rob The Bank
One Of A Kind
Exit Wounds
Song To Say Goodbye
Special K
The Bitter End

Intermission (Bosco interlude)
Begin The End
Running Up That Hill
Post Blue

More photos from the show can be found

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