Burning Stars: Say your name, your position in the band and something about yourself.
De'Mar Hamilton (drums): My name is De'Mar. I play the drum in Plain White T's and I like to have a good time..ALL the

BS: Tell us about your new album, Every Second Counts.
De'Mar: Every Second Counts is our first major label record and we feel that it's the best album we've made at this point. We're
all very excited about it.

BS: What was your favorite song to record and why?
De'Mar: My favorite song to record would have to have been "Our Time Now" becuase I just love the drums in the song and I
came up with some fills  for the song on the spot.

BS: How did the idea came about for your new video "Hate (I Really Don't Like You)?
De'Mar: Our video director Jay Martin came up with the idea. He's done all of our videos and he comes up with the treatments.
I don't know where he gets his ideas but they have all been great and he's a very talented guy.

BS: You were signed to Fearless Records but recently signed to HollywoodRecords. How did this come about?
De'Mar: Hollywood was the one and only major label to show interest and it just felt sincere. We never thought they were
blowing smoke at us. Fearless actually went out and approached Hollywood first.

BS: You are currently on the Nintendo Fusion Tour with Hawthorne Heights, Relient K, Emery and The Sleeping. How has the
tour been going so far?
De'Mar: The tour has been great. The bands are great. The people are great and the shows have been awesome.

BS: What are your plans after Nintendo Fusion Tour ends?
De'Mar: After Fusion we plan to play a couple college shows and then we begin doing radio shows.

BS: You started the band almost ten years ago how do you feel your music has evolved since then?
De'Mar: I feel since that point, eventhough i wasn't in the band back then, has grown up and became more mature.

BS: You've been nominated for an MTVU Woodie, how do you think you'll do against your competition?
De'Mar: we'll probably just smoke them.

BS: What is currently in your cd player or ipod?
De'Mar: Heavens - Patent Pending
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Plain White T's interview by: Maureen Benedict