BurningStars: Why did you add the piano to the mix?
William Tell: When the band started we didn't exactly plan on adding the piano. Andrew played the piano and it just came
together naturally.
Josh Partington: A lot of us are influenced by classic rock.
William: So it isn't that weird to have a piano.

BS: Why didn't Konstantine make the cut for the album?
William: It's not that it didn't make the cut, it was just that it wsan't down the same alley as the record. It's not that it isn't a
good song, I really like that song. But it was more of collaboration.
Brian Ireland: The logistics were not good to put on the album. Plus it was recorded after the album was finished.
Josh: It was too different. It would be like taking a painting and putting staples all over it.
William: We are bad painters!
Josh: That was a good analogy!

BS: Which songs do you enjoy performing the most?
William: "Punk Rock Princess" or "Fall".
Brian: We're also starting to perform "I Woke Up In A Car but Fall".

BS: If you could tour with any band (alive or dead, or broken up), who would it be?
William: The Beatles! The Rolling Stones.
Andrew McMahon: We say this in every interview, hoping they will see it and invite us on tour with them, The Foo Fighters.
Brian: Tom Petty.
Andrew: Counting Crows. U2.
Brian: Rush.

BS: So what are your plans after the Warped Tour?
Andrew: We are going to tour in Europe and Japan. Then after that we are going out on tour with New Found Glory and
Finch from January to March.
BS: Come here on my birthday!
Andrew: All right everyone call the agent.
William: Yeah, we will take a sharp left turn from Canada to Atlanta.

BS: Where do you see yourselves in 10 years?
Josh: Fatter.
William: At Josh's house.
Brian: Ears and noses grown.
William: No one can say.
Andrew: Hopefully still doing something in the music industry.

BS: How does it feel to be one of the few bands on Warped Tour to have a truly diverse sound?
Brian: Go ask Finch!
William: We're happy people like us! Our sound reflects who we are.
Brian: That's our answer for everything, "how would you describe your sound?" we're just happy people like us!
Andrew: We didn't think we were that original, but it's cool to see the response.

BS: How does it feel to be playing Warped Tour this summer?
Josh: Ecstatically great!
Brian: Awesome!
Andrew: We are just glad people come out to see us!

BS: Andrew, do you break your piano from jumping on it?
Andrew: No, usually I throw them out of tune and then I just have them tuned.
Brian: He goes through a couple pianos a year!
Andrew: Yeah, one or two pianos a year!

BS: What are you going to do after this interview?
Brian: Go to the record store with the guitarist from Andrew W.K.

BS: Have any embarrassing moments happened on this tour thus far?
William: This interview! Just kidding!
Brian: We've fallen on stage.
Andrew: I flashed the front row. I had my leg propped up on the piano and I didn't know I was flashing the crowd. There
were some horrified looks on people's faces. I fell off a speaker once too.

BS: Where did the name Something Corporate come from?
Andrew: A friend referred to playing from the heart as corporate.
Josh: Andrew comes to practice one day and decides to call it Something Corporate. The name just stayed and the other option
for a name was It Sucks To Be Leon.
William: We were just like okay, we can entertain Andrew and call the practice Something Corporate.
Josh: With the name Something Corporate, they can say Something Dumb or Something Stupid. But with the name It Sucks
To Be Leon, they can say things like It Sucks To Be This Band, etc.

BS: What is your favorite city to perform in?
William: We hate them all! Just kidding! I'm excited to be in Hotlanta!
Josh: Chicago!
Andrew: Fargo, North Dakota but I like Billings, Montana more.

BS: What are the best and worst things about touring?
William: The best is playing every day and meeting fans.
Brian: Worst is William hitting on Andrew.
Josh: Being away from your family.

BS: Are you guys single?
Andrew: I have a girlfriend.
William: Friends, Andrew is the only one with a girlfriend.

BS: How old are you guys?
Andrew: Josh and William are 22, I'm 19 and Brian and Clutch are 21.

BS: What would you be if you weren't in a band?
Brian: I want to be a drug dealer!
Josh: Booted off Surviver!

BS: What is your CD at the moment?
William: I only have one CD, the new Vines album.
Josh: Carriage Flowers, the older material.
Andrew: They're now called Maroon 5, I think.
Brian: Gomez, Bring It On.
Andrew: Say Anything.

BS: Do you guys cover a lot of songs?
Andrew: We do a few like Anything Anything.
William: Papa Don't Preach.

BS: Do you have any advice for aspiring musicians?
Andrew: Yeah, don't hit the people you interview! Build a strong local fan base because the truth is everyone gets seen.
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Something Corporate interview by: Sarah Herman