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Set It Off
Upside Down
October 7, 2016

written by: Lauren Castillo

On October 7, 2016, Set It Off released their 4th official album (not
including acoustic releases), Upside Down.  I recently had the
opportunity to see them open up for Simple Plan’s “No Pads, No
Helmets… Just Balls” 15th Anniversary Tour, and these guys keep
your attention with their energy and catchy songs.  Their ”Upside
Down” CD is a more upbeat CD, (“Hypnotised” being their newest
single with a music video) compared to their first two albums- which
were just as great, but you can hear the growth of the band, as they
continue to grow in the Pop- Punk scene, while still remaining humble,
and grateful dudes.  I look forward to continue to watch as they
grow, and see their fame rise.