Silverstein - When Broken Is Easily Fixed
Victory Records
May 20, 2003

I still remember like yesterday when this album came out. I was an
angsty 14 year old looking for an outlet. This was Silverstein's debut
on Victory Records and I bought it right away (I bought the reissue
when it came out later). Here we are 15 years after that day.

The album starts with "Smashed Into Pieces" ( ). It was catchy and emotional and
had a strong intro. "Never again, I'll slit my throat with the knife I
pulled out of my spine". They re-recorded the song for the 10th
anniversary, something also worth checking out to compare their
growth as a band.

Another song that grabbed my attention was "Bleeds No More". It
was one of the reasons I bought the book Revolution on Canvas,
which I also still having laying around. "My heart bleeds no more".
This song always fills me with energy, no matter what. It's fast and
comes in hard.

"Hear Me Out" is my favorite song on this album. It has been since
the release.

"When Broken Is Easily Fixed" is the title track and the album closer
(unless you have the reissue) and in true Silverstein fashion, it's a
perfect end to the album. They have a knack for amazing opening
and closing songs.

15 years later and my commentary is if you haven't listened...
1) where have you been?
2) listen, enjoy the songs and pay attention to their growth.
3) listen again.

I have always personally been a huge fan of Shane Told's vocals
but the growth and improvement over the years really stands out.

Another stand out in their music are the riffs and melodies.
Something I found in Silverstein is that they don't have an album full
of the same songs. That was apparent with When Broken Is Easily
Fixed. Shane doesn't overuse screams but they always seem
appropriately placed. Some of the songs are heavy while others are
much softer, but not boring.

This was the start of my journey as a Silverstein fan and I will
continue to support them as long as they are around. Thank you for
being a part of my life for the last 15 years, here is to many more.

-Shane's voice

-not as polished as later releases
-a couple songs can be a little repetitive

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Words by: Julie Popelka
Track List:
1. Smashed Into Pieces
2. Red Light Pledge
3. Giving Up
4. November
5. Last Days of Summer
6. Bleeds No More
7. Hear Me Out
8. The Weak and the Wounded
9. Wish I Could Forget You
10. When Broken Is Easily Fixed
11. Friends in Fall River*
12. Forever and a Day*
*reissue bonus tracks