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Duane Okun (guitar/vocals): Duane Okun. I play guitar and sing. I am 19 and my birthday is July 5th.

BS: How long has the band been together?
Duane: The band has been together for about 4 years. The lineup now has been together for about a year and a half. This is
going to be the final lineup. We all love each other so no one is going anywhere soon.

BS: Who are your musical influences?
Duane: My musical influences are more from a folk background I think. I like writing to paint a picture, a song should take
you somewhere and every song somewhere else. I consider every song a story. I'm a huge Neil Young fan.

BS: How would you describe the bands sound?
Duane: I would think we have a big sound. The piano make things sound pretty huge. A lot of people ask us this question
and we never really have a good answer. :Laughs: I would just say some sort of rock band. I guess that's the closest. Maybe
when our cd comes out everyone can tell us what sound we have.

BS: How would you describe the band to someone who has never listened to you before?
Duane: *Laughs* Just like the last question, I would have no idea. I usually don't describe us to others. I wouldn't want to put
in someone's head an idea of what we sound like before actually hearing us.

BS: Describe yourself in five words.
Duane: Quiet, focused, laid back, magical. *Laughs* Maybe not magical.

BS: Do you have any special talents?
Duane: I played soccer and baseball pretty much my whole life.

BS: What do you think is the best thing about being in a band?
Duane: Being able to say what I want to say to a lot of people. The voice is a strong thing and can affect a lot of people.

BS: What is a cd you recommend everyone to listen to?
Duane: Jets to Brazil Perfecting Loneliness.

BS: What are some of your favorite bands?
Duane: The Smiths, Bright Eyes, The Beatles, Radiohead.

BS: Best advice you've ever gotten?
Duane: It's more something I have realized which is if you love it, it can happen. I think that goes for any aspect of your life.

BS: What are your favorite things about performing?
Duane: Just seeing some faces listening.

BS: What is your favorite cereal?
Duane: I really like the Reese's cereal.

BS: What is the most embarrassing album you own?
Duane: The Used album.

BS: What would you be doing if you weren't in a band?
Duane: Trying to be in a band more than likely. Or I'd have a girlfriend.

BS: What was the first concert you went to?
Duane: It was a local show with One Cool Guy, Catch 22, and Humle Beginnings.

BS: What is one thing you can't do but wish you could?
Duane: Sing like Christina Aguilera.

BS: What is your number one goal in life?
Duane: I want to live a respectable life doing what I love with people that I love.

BS: What is your biggest fear?
Duane: I don't like heights.

BS: What is your all time favorite CD?
Duane: I can listen to We Are The Only Friends That We Have by Piebald anytime.

BS: What is your favorite song to play live?
Duane: It's a song called "Alexandria As Our Lens" Just because its really easy for me to sing.

BS: Do you remember most of the people/fans you meet?
Duane: I do actually. I'm not good with names. But I always remember seeing someone.

BS: Anything you want to say to fans/potential fans?
Duane: Stay nice to everyone this year. There is too much shit going on all over the world so you might as well be nice and
not add to the problem.
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Socratic interview by: Julie Magyar