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Story Of The Year
Page Avenue: 10 Years & Counting
Label: self-released
Date: October 8, 2013

Rock band Story Of The Year originally released their debut album, Page Avenue, back in 2003.  The
album was ahead of it's time and received enormous success with hits "Until The Day I Die" and
"Anthem Of Our Dying Day".  The band was hurled quickly into the spotlight landing them on some
major tours including the Van's Warped Tour.  Ten years later the band went back into the studio to
re-record their smash album but as an acoustic album to celebrate.  The songs were redone so
exquisitely with pianos, acoustic guitars and mellowed out vocals.  This time around the band decided
to release the album themselves and sell it out on tour.

For more info on Story Of The Year: www.storyoftheyear.net
01. And The Hero Will Drown
02. Until The Day I Die
03. Anthem Of Our Dying Day
04. In The Shadows
05. Dive Right In
06. Swallow The Knife
07. Page Avenue
08. Sidewalks
09. Divide & Conquer
10. Razorblades