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Burning Stars: Introduce yourself.
Frank Zummo: What up! I'm Frank Zummo from Street Drum Corps. I
play drums and sing in the group.

BS: You have a new cd called We Are Machines. What can you tell
me about the album? What was the recording process like?  How
many songs did you initially write for the album and how did you
go about picking the 10 songs that made the album?
Frank: Making this record was a great growing experience for the band.
We started writing and demoing the record in January 2007. We got into
the studio June of 2007. The record took 2 weeks to record. We got to work
with some great artists on this record. We also got to use many new
instruments like grinders and marching drums. The 3 of us also did a lot of
vocal stuff on this record, which was new to us. As we were finishing this
record we were rehearsing for Warped Tour, then did the entire 2007
Warped Tour. We had to stop at 10 songs due to leaving for tour. The
single Action! has been out since last summer and we finally got to release
the record on our current tour "Rockstar Get A Life Tour". We also got
artist Alex Pardee to do all the artwork. Alex also did our first record, he did
an amazing job! Then we made daily web-o-sodes during the making of
the record for the website www.notmtv.tv.

BS: The album was produced by DJ Lethal.  How did you decide on
him to produce it and what was it like working with him?
Frank: DJ Lethal produced our first record and we had a blast working
with him. He is an amazing person, friend and producer. When it came
time to do our 2nd record we knew we wanted him. At that exact time he
called me and said that he was launching his own label "Lethal Dose" and
wanted SDC to be his first release.

BS: Was there a song on the album that you enjoyed writing or
recording most?
Frank: "Robot Get Down" We had a blast recording that track. We used
Adams grinders thru Marshall Amp Stacks and then we grinded a Fender
Guitar to shreds! Then we had our boy "Sporty O" rap on it. That night all
our friends were there and we had a full on dance party in the studio. That
beat is just a dance floor crusher! ha!

BS: You have a very unique sound and you seem to use ordinary
objects as instruments to produce said unique sound. What made
you decide that this was the way you were going to go?
Frank: We really never made a decision to go a certain way or use certain
items. The whole thing has been a natural and non planned progression. It's
a very beautiful thing!

BS: You had a bunch of special guests on your album including
theSTART and Adrian Young of No Doubt. How did the idea come
about to have them be on the album?
Frank: When we were writing the record as the songs developed certain
artists would come to mind. When we reached out to the artists they all
were down! It was blast to work with such amazing artists and they are all
our dear friends.

BS: Currently your album is only available on tour.  When should
fans expect to see it in stores and online?
Frank: The album is a tour exclusive now but will be available on itunes
very soon.

BS: You are out on tour with The Used and Straylight Run on the
Rockstar Get A Life Tour. How has the tour been going so far? Any
highlights you would like to share?
Frank: This tour has been amazing so far for us and were having a blast.
The Used are our best friends and our favorite band to tour with. We are
playing 3 brand new songs on this tour, which has been a blast! This is also
our first tour that we have a production on. We have been getting an
amazing response and it feels amazing! We also get to go up with The
Used for a song and jam. A tour highlight for me is when I give Bert from
The Used my marching snare and he rocks it! soo rad!

BS: After this tour you will be heading out on the Projekt Revolution
Tour with Linkin Park and Armor For Sleep. What are you looking
forward to most?
Frank: I can't wait for this summer! Chester from Linkin Park has been an
amazing friend and supporter of SDC. He and I started talking about this
back in December. We have some amazing things planned for this tour
and many surprises that will blow peoples minds! I am also very excited
about the lineup! Its an honor to tour this summer with Linkin Park.

BS: On the current tour you have been doing a live webcam chat
with fans on Stickam.com and have a featured daily show at 4:20pm
PST. How did the idea come about to do this? Has it helped you gain
new fans?
Frank: Stickam has been amazing for us! We started working with
stickam while making the  "We Are Machines" record. It has been a huge
help with getting new fans and spreading the word. its just really cool to let
people take a look into our lives.

BS: Is there anything else you want to add that maybe we didn't
cover in the interview or any final words for your fans?
Frank: Much much thanks for the support! The response & love from the
fans has been amazing on our current tour! Check out the new album,
come see us now on the "Rockstar Get A Life Tour" and we will see ya this
summer on "Projekt Revolution".

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