Burning Stars: Tell us your name and position in the band.
Dan Castady (vocals/guitar): My name is Dan and I play guitar and sing in The Fold.

BS: Where did the name The Fold come from?
Dan: Actually, there was a guy who I was playing in a band called The Fold in 2002 with, his name is Kyle, he's in a band
called Allister now. He thought of the name and it meant a group of people working together toward the same common goal if
you look at definition number 2 in the Webster's dictionary. That line up kind of broke up but I asked him afterwards in 2004
when I reformed The Fold if I could keep the name and he said it was totally cool. So we kept the name and that's what it
means. He's in a band called The Get Go right now cause Allister just broke up, so Kyle's still going on in a band called The Get

BS: Who are your influences personally and/or musically?
Dan: Personally, I always go back to, people think it sounds ridiculous but, people like Elvis Costello and Billy Joel, real, what I
consider, song writers, they weren't in any genre, they were just trying to write the best songs they could. I think those were
songs that shaped their decades and I think, rather than saying I'm influences by a band like Jimmy Eat World or some of
these more current influences that are definitely a part of what we sound like, I think I'd rather go back to them. At least start
there and maybe I'll come up with something that could be a brand new thing, rather than a knock off of a knock off, which is
kind of how I feel music is right now, even though I enjoy it. So many bands are making great music, but for me personally I'd
just rather go back to the beginning and grab some influence from there.

BS: What made you get started in music?
Dan: I just remember around nine years old, just driving in the back of my dads car and this song "Live and Let Die" came on
and it was a Guns N Roses cover of a Beatles song. I just remember thinking, "Man if I could ever borrow my dads 4 track tape
recorder and get in a room, I would love to re-record a song like Guns N Roses did with the Beatles". That was the first moment
I ever remember. I was probably nine like I said. That was the first moment I ever remember when I was like, "This is what I
want to do". Ever since then, it was just building up to it and trying to get to a point where I was on the road playing every
night and I'm still learning. I still really don't know what I'm doing, but I'm trying to get to that point where I could do it for a

BS: Tell us the process behind the new CD "Secrets Keep You Sick".
Dan: We actually didn't really feel like we had that much material around June of last year. Then sometime around the fall, we
started feeling like, "Wow, we really have ideas. We should book some time and get into the studio and see what happens". So
we probably had five or six songs written and I remember talking with the band about how we really needed more songs and
we had the studio time booked but we couldn't let the label know that we weren't really ready. Unfortunately, I lost my mom
around late September last year. She got sick on August 1st from terminal cancer and then 2 months later she was gone. So
that really spawned four or five songs that ended up becoming "Secrets Keep You Sick". The album really came about in a
kind of backwards way but by the time we recorded, we really were ready and it was kind of amazing. Things just happened
in the studio that I could never have planned and we were kind of all crying at times about certain songs and it was a beautiful
thing and I wouldn't have changed anything about it.

BS: What is a CD you've been listening to that you would recommend to others?
Dan: I love that Jack's Mannequin CD, "Everything In Transit". I got to meet Andrew last week at South by Southwest and I
told him that. I don't know what it is about that CD. It's just, start to finish, a great CD and I hope that's how people feel about
our album. To me it's that way, but obviously it's hard to be biased when you wrote the music. But that's one album I would
definitely tell everyone to pick up and listen to... and We Are The Fury.
BS: Yeah, it comes out May 22nd too.
Dan: Theirs does? Really? That's awesome. Wow. I know Maroon 5 comes out that day.
BS: Good day for music.
Dan: Yeah! I'm going to pick that up.

BS: If you could set up a tour with any bands right now, who would they be and why?
Dan: We'd like to go out with the Plain White T's, that's a band we grew up with because we're all from the same high school
and it's cool t see how quick they're growing. Them, our good friends Relient K. I think we'd want to be out with bands that we
can relate to and not a band we can't talk to and can't approach. These are bands that we just happened to kind of watch grow
and we'd love to be out there with them, letting them do their thing and just being the band that gets the crowd ready for
them. It'd be cool.

BS: Which song do you enjoy playing live at the moment?
Dan: Right now it's track one off the new record called "Medicine". It's just a song we've seen the crowds react really well to.
Over this past week is the first time we ever played the song and it's fun to see that we wrote a song that for whatever reason
kids can react to on the first listen. So I think that's a cool thing. It's a fun song to play just for that reason.

BS: What are the best and worst things about touring?
Dan: The best thing is the euphoria that can come from playing a show in front of people you've never met and seeing the
happiness in their eyes and the excitement and we feel that same excitement. It's just something that happens, that has nothing
to do with us necessarily but it has to do with what can happen at a concert. I think that's why we do it, just to get that
connection. The worst part I think is, I'm sure every band would say this, just being away from family and loved ones and the
best thing, going back to that, is when those people can come along, because you really want them to see every step of the way
and every piece to the puzzle. So the worst thing can become the best thing when you can convince them to quit their jobs.

BS: Any last words?
Dan: Check us out at thefoldrock.com. We're always on myspace, we love talking to you guys. I'm on aim, thefoldlist. We
always like talking to you guys. So if you care about our band, please come say hello.
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The Fold  interview by: Julie Magyar