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Burning Stars: Introduce yourself. Say your name, position in the band and
something about yourself.
Kyle: My names Kyle… I play guitar … and I’m originally from Buffalo NY woot

BS: The band started about a year ago. How did the idea come about to
form the band? And how did you go about picking a name for the band?
Kyle: The idea to form the band was actually mine… Allister had just broken up.
We were on our final tour which was an amazing 2 and a half month tour of Japan
and I just knew I wasn’t done with music… there was so much more left to
accomplish and I'm still young.  I immediately asked Scottie to be a part of it.. Then
I called up Chris from my Skype account as I had known him from my Showoff
days.. He was always a super sweet dude who wrote amazing songs.. Next I called
up Nick who said he was in… by the time we came home from the tour Chris had
a couple of song ideas floating around so we got together over a weekend in
February with Dan Hammond and finished "Face In The Dirt", "You Vs Me", and a
song we never wound up using.  After that practice we realized having a member
from California just wasn’t going to cut it so we got local guitar legend Nate
Thruman and here we are.

Things got going pretty quick for us… so we were in a pinch for a name.. we had a
lot of ideas floating around… we all compiled lists and had probably close to a
hundred ideas… and then one of Scottie Friends Rory actually suggested The Get
Go.. We liked it.. It made sense for us it’s a new beginning for all of us so we
adopted it!

BS: You recently finished recording your debut album. How many songs
did you initially have written for it and how many did you end up picking
to go on the album? Have you decided on a title for the album and have you
chosen what song you will be releasing as the first single yet? And when
should fans expect the album to be released?
Kyle: We originally had close to 20 songs and we narrowed it down to 12 or 13.  

Well, the record we recorded is coming out in Japan the first week of May on an
amazing label called Dynamord and the record is called “Hello Again”.  We’re so
excited to be a part of this label.. It was our first choice when we started the band ..
We had a lot of labels with offers on the table but it was really a no brainer for us.  
We are shopping the record in the US right now.. The state of the music industry is
pretty horrible right now so getting a deal is harder than ever but we’ve got some
interested parties and are confident we’ll get a US release sooner than later.   The
US and Japanese releases will be a bit different from one another.. We’re going to
record some new songs for the US release.  The first single in Japan is “Face In The
Dirt” and the follow up will most likely be “Without You”.  There’s so many songs
we’re really fond of on the album that it's hard to pick a single.  The US singles will
be different.

BS: Last time I saw the band you had a 4 song cd for sale. Will any of the
songs on that cd be on your debut album?
Kyle: We’re not sure exactly what songs will make the US release or not but I
would say 2 of the 4 should definitely cut it.

BS: You worked with Marc McCluskey on your album. How did you decide
on having him produce it? What was it like working with him?
Kyle: We’ve been friends with Marc for a while and he’s an amazing producer.  
We worked with on a Japanese release at the end of Allister and new immediately
we wanted to work with him on the new band.. We asked him from the start if he
would be interested in teaming up and he was.  It was a great experience recording
with him.. He’s so well versed in music theory and has a great ear… plus he’s a
huge Ghostbusters buff so that made for some interesting conversation ha

BS: Was there one song that you really enjoyed recording or writing for the
album? Could you tell us about it?
Kyle: I really enjoyed recording the song “Target”.  it’s got a cool sound to it.. Its
poppy with  a bit of a darker side.. But not too much.. it’s a cool song.   I feel like
that’s the sound we will lean towards in the future

BS: You have already played a number of shows as a band and are about to
go to the UK with MxPx and Punchline for the Good To Go Tour. How has
the response been so far at the shows? And how do you think the response
will be with fans over seas?
Kyle: The reaction at the shows has been amazing so far.. Our first Chicago
headline show was sold out which far exceeded our expectations… the UK tour
with MXPX and Punchline was absolutely amazing.. It was touching how many
kids came out and sang along and how we could see those numbers grow from the
beginning to the end of the tour.  That tour was such an amazing experience
especially considering it was our first tour out..   We shared a bus with MXPX and
Punchline which made for a lot of unbelievable memories… we all ready miss all of
those guys but I'm confident we will be seeing more of both those bands.

BS: Do you have any plans for a US tour as of yet or is there something in
the works for the spring?
Kyle: No plans for a US tour yet.. With the record coming out in Japan in May we
will be heading over there twice this year.. Once around the release for a festival
date and some headlining shows and then again at the end of summer hopefully
for more fests and an extensive tour.  We just started talking to booking agents in
the US so that we can start getting on some tours… we definitely are going to be
doing this full time and can’t wait to get out on the road and see all of the corners of
this country again!

BS: You have been in bands such as Showoff, The Fold and Allister over the
last 13 years touring around the US, Japan and the UK. What was the most
memorable experience or tour?
Kyle: Hmm… most memorable experience or tour.. That’s a hard one..  Two things
come to mind the first time we went out on tour with Less Than Jake.. They took us
to the UK which was our first trip over there and they were the nicest guys ever…
we had such a blast hanging with them and The Teen Idols.. It was the longest UK
tour ever done by American bands (close to a month.. The UK is really small)  the
shows were ridiculously huge (1500 - 4000 every night) and we shared a van with
the Teen Idols.. Who are a blast and definitely do not shy away from a good time
ha…  the other is when we played a show in Japan with our friends and now label
mates Ellegarden at Makuhari Messe.  Ellegarden is absolutely humongous in
Japan.. We played a 35,000 capacity venue that they sold out pre-sale and it was
just them and us.  It was insane.. I had never seen that many people in one place
before.. Let alone have them all watching us play.  It was absolutely incredible.

BS: Do you have any final words for your fans? Or anything else you would
like to share that maybe didn't get covered in the interview?
Kyle: Just like to say thanks to anybody reading this or has ever supported  any of
the bands I’ve been in.  The Get Go is for real and we’re coming at ’ya yo!  Keeping
checking our MySpace for the latest news/shows and we can’t wait to release our
record so that we can get on the road and see all of those familiar faces again!