Burning Stars: Introduce yourself. Say your name, position in the band and something
interesting about yourself.
Michael Sonbert: Michael Sonbert, lead vocals…umm…I’m not supposed to admit this but I
hate Star Wars.

BS: You recently finished recording your sophomore album in Los Angeles. Tell me about
the recording process.  Did you do anything different in the studio this time around?
Michael: Yeah this time we were much more prepared going in. It allowed us to work a bit
more independently. We were able to tell the engineer, “OK, this is how we want to do it.”
And on their end, they were psyched that we knew the direction we wanted to take things.

BS:  Have you come up with a title for it yet? When will it be released? And have you
chosen a single yet?
Michael: The record is called Dance party in Hell. It should be out around April or May but
I don’t have an exact date yet. As far as the single…it’s between two songs- Wild, Wild
Hurricane or The Forever Girl. I love both so I’ll be fine with whatever they choose.

BS:  How many songs did you write for the album?  How many did you chose to be on the
album and how did you narrow it down to those songs?
Michael: I guess we wrote about 13 or so. We eventually chose the best ten. Or really the ten
that fit with what we were going for. Our guitarist Andy wrote a great song. It was really
mellow and pretty and probably would’ve worked for something else, but for this record, we
had to scratch it. In the end it was pretty easy to choose which songs worked best.

BS: Was there one song in particular that you enjoyed writing and recording the most?
What is the song about?
Michael: Alpha Love Bravo. It’s the most unique song on the record. It’s like Faith No More
meets Tony Bennett. It’s about a guy who wants his girl to go away so he can relax and
enjoy his drink. Except it happens in outer space, in the future.

BS: Who produced the new album and what was it like working with them?
Michael: Tomas Costanza who recorded our last record, did this one as well. It’s always a
blast working with him. We’ve been buds for a while. I think we drank enough whiskey to
last us all year. :)

BS:  Your first album was released on Indianola Records and your new album is being
released on Chamberlain Records. When did you sign with Chamberlain? And what made
you decide to sign with them?
Michael: Indianola was great but it just seemed like that relationship ran its course.
Chamberlain got what we were going for on the new record. You know, less screaming,
more rock n’ roll. It just made sense. We signed late last year.

BS:  Does the band have any plans for a tour after the album releases?
Michael: Most likely an East Coast thing at first and then eventually see where it goes…

BS: What would your dream tour be, What bands would you chose to be on the bill and
Michael: Hmm…Zeppelin, Queen, Maiden, The Cult and then us. J But as far as bands out
there now…The Strokes, Buck Cherry, Clutch, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster and then
us. That would be fun.

BS: Any final words for the fans? Or want to add something that maybe wasn't covered in
the interview?
Michael: You’re always really thorough Maureen. I guess I’m just psyched for people to
hear the new record. We’ve gone in a bit of a different direction while still holding true to
what The Never Enders is. It’s gonna be a good time. See ya
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