Burning Stars: Your new album Direction came out in July. What can you tell me about it? Did you do anything different in
the studio than you did on your last album, Based On A True Story?
Matt Watts (guitar/vocals): It's our most focused record, we're all a really great place right now and very much looking on the
brighter side of things and I think the record shows that.  Every time we enter the studio it seems a little different than the
previous time...for Direction, we decided to go with producer Howard Benson...and his approach to making this record was so
focused but still laid back. There wasn't much pressure this time around.

BS: How many songs did you write for this album and how did you go about deciding which songs to put on the album?
Matt: We probably wrote a total of 15 songs and we kept the really good ones. haha.

BS: Howard Benson produced your new album. Why did you decide to work with him on this album?
Matt: He had a similar vision to us and was the one producer that we felt that we were on the same page with.  We were
hesitant at first (we worked with him on two songs on BOATS...and had some concerns)...however, after a good talking it
turned out we wanted to make the same kind of record (song wise and production wise) and everything felt great.

BS: The first single you chose off your new album was "Island". How did you go about picking that song to be the first single?
Matt: We all just had a great feeling about it, it just felt like a lead single after hearing it for the first time and our label felt the
same way. It's nice to agree on things.

BS: You shot a video for "Island" with director Jay Martin. How did the idea for the video come about? And what was it like
working with him?
Matt: We just wanted a really cool looking, simple video...we're not actors and we didn't want to act in it. Jay is a great director
and his ideas seemed to work well with ours.

BS: This was your third year on the Van's Warped Tour. What were the highlights of the tour this year?
Matt: Circa Survive, Paramore, NFG, seeing those bands on a daily basis made my summer...and Four Year Strong on the
Mass date., kids were getting killed out there, their pit was insane.

BS: Your album came out during the tour. How was the crowd's response to the new songs? Was there any song in particular
that fans seemed to like most?
Matt: The crowed seemed into the new stuff, which is always a good thing. The reception definitely got better as the tour went
on. "Island" and "Direction" got the best responses in my opinion. It was nice to see all the kids at the LA date rocking out to
"Island". That was the last show on the tour, and those kids have heard the song for a few weeks. It was great to end it on a
high note.

BS: Next Thursday you begin your tour with Sound The Alarm, All Time Low, Permanent Me and 4 Years Strong. What are
you looking forward to most on this tour?
Matt: I can't wait to see Four Year Strong every night. Holy shit that band rules.

BS: After this tour is over what are the bands plans for the remainder of 2007?
Matt: We're going out with Paramore and the Almost in the fall...super pumped about that one! There's also a rumor of us
heading to Australia.

BS: Is there anything you would like to add about your new album that we didn't cover?
Matt: Please check it out, we're super proud of it and it has the wonderful key parts of internationally known Brian "The B"
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The Starting Line interview by: Maureen Benedict