The Never Enders interview
*Maureen Benedict*
via email * September 2, 2005
BurningStars: You are releasing your debut album soon, what is it going to be called and when is the release date
for it?
Mike Sonbert (vocals): It's called Air Raid Romance and it's coming out on November 22nd!
BS: Broken was the song you chose for the first single, how did you decide on which song to release as the single?
Mike: We didn't really. The label wanted it for a compilation they're putting out so it made sense to use it as the

BS: You shot a video for Broken recently, how did it go?
Mike: It was pretty kick ass. The fans showed up and even though it was 1,000 degrees everyone had a blast!

BS: When should we expect to see your video?
Mike: The final edits are being finished, so in the next few weeks on And hopefully on
FUSE as well.

BS: Tomas used to be in the band Diffuser, was anyone else in a band prior to The Never Enders?
Mike: Yeah but no one you've ever heard of. A band called Forward and Electrasic who had some pretty die hard
fans but fizzled. Oh and Chachi was in Amity and they did Warped Tour.

BS: Pick a song from your album and tell us about.
Mike: Something Beautiful is about how both me and my girl have a habit of dating people and trying to ruin the
relationship, because it's less pressure, easier, whatever. The last line is, Let's destroy Something Beautiful "and cry
while it burns".

BS: When should fans expect to see the band on tour?
Mike: I'd say Winter 06.

BS: What is the bands goal?
Mike: I'd like to get our music out to as many people as possible. Hopefully if we do that we can play some good
shows and maybe pay some bills. Maybe.

BS: What was the toughest part of recording your cd?
Mike: Just the monotony. I hate doing things over and over. I'm the guy who doesnt care if anything is in tune or
whatever as long as it's loud as hell but in the studio that doesnt fly.

BS: Which do you like better: recording in the studio or playing live?
Mike: I like each but in different ways. I think there is something very special about creating something. Writitng a
song that you can listen to forever. Most people arent that lucky. Then playing it live is amazing as well. Especially
if everyone is going nuts.

BS: What bands or kinds of music influence your sound?
Mike: Tom Petty only.

BS: What was the best concert you have ever been to?
Mike: Dashboard at PNC or Pantera at Roseland.

BS: What is in your cd player at the moment?
Mike: Counting Crows.

BS: What is your favorite alcoholic drink?
Mike: Sam A.

BS: Do you have any questions for me?
Mike: Yes...On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, how would you rate the 1980's TV
show Charles in Charge?