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Tonight Alive
The Other Side
Label: Fearless Records
Date: September 10, 2013

Earlier this year I had been listening to the Radar Australian Top 20 with Ella and Ben when they
played a song by a band called Tonight Alive.  What I heard was this extraordinary female fronted
pop punk band but not like what I've heard before.  It was a mix of pop punk from 10 years ago that
I still loved with a girl with one hell of a voice that reminded me of one of my favourite singers, Ella
Hooper mixed with some Gwen Stefani.  I'm not saying she sounds like exactly them, I just hear
some of the same elements in her vocal stylings and they all have something I don't hear often with
female vocalists.  Jenna has very powerful vocals and strong lyrics.  While the band was out on the
Van's Warped Tour they released two songs "The Ocean" and "Lonely Girl" which they introduced to
fans on the summer long tour.  Some of the tracks that really stand out to me include "The Ocean",
"The Fire", "No Different", "Don't Wish", "Come Home" and title track "The Other Side".  This album
has to be one of my favourite albums released in 2013 and I cannot wait to hear what this band will
bring in the future.  

For more info on Tonight Alive: www.tonightaliveofficial.com
01. The Ocean
02. Don't Wish
03. Lonely Girl
04. Hell And Back
05. The Other Side
06. The Fire
07. Complexes
08. Come Home
09. Bathwater
10. No Different
11. Say Please
12. You Don't Owe Me Anything