The Starting Line interview by: Maureen Benedict
BurningStars: Say your name, what you do in the band and something about yourself?
Matt Watts (guitar): I'm Matt, I play guitar in the Starting Line and I'm an Aquarius.

BS: Did you do anything different on your latest album, Based On A True Story than you did on your previous albums?
Matt: I feel like Based On A True Story is way more mature than Say It Like You Mean It. It's been several years between
records and we've all done a lot of growing personally and musically. We're not listening to the same stuff and we're not really
the same people we were back then (and I mean that in a good way).

BS: How did you decide on "Bedroom Talk" as being the first single?
Matt: We felt that "Bedroom Talk" was just a catchy song and it's a little tongue and cheek. It's also not too much of a
departure from the last record which makes it a nice bridge between records.

BS: What was your favorite song to record on this album and why?  
Matt: I love "Ready", I think musically it's our best song and the lyrical content hits very close to home.

BS: What are the bands plans after Nintendo Fusion Tour ends?
Matt: We plan on travelling across the pond for a UK tour with MxPx, then we're doing a headlining tour with Cartel/Gatsby's
American Dream/Copeland. It's going to kick ass.

BS: How do you feel the tour is going so far?
Matt: It's been great so far. The reception has been pretty amazing, it seems like lots of kids really don't know who we are
which can be a good thing. We're making new fans and exposing lots of kids to something that we're really proud of.

BS: This year was your third year on the Van's Warped Tour. Was there anything different about this year than the past two
years that you were on the tour?
Matt: The Warped Tour was great this year, it was super long, super sweaty and really hot. But I got to hang with my friends
all summer, and what can be better than that? I feel like after doing it for a few years that we were sort of used to the grueling
schedule and really used to Warped, so that made it so much easier. Plus this year we finally had our own bus.

BS: What is the hardest part about touring?
Matt: The hardest part is getting homesick and missing your family. Also, people have shitty days, and go through personal
problems and kids at shows don't always understand that.

BS: What was the first song you wrote as a band?
Matt: A song called "Nothing Short Of A Miracle". We wrote it in my parents basement. It's still a cool song, I think Kenny was
like 14 when we recorded it and it's definitely somewhere on the internet.

BS: What was your first show like?
Matt: It was at a teen center in Hatboro, PA. All of our friends and girlfriends were there. It totally sucked, and we totally
sucked but I had a great time. We covered a Lanemeyer song and the next day we got to play with Saves The Day in a barn,
right after Through Being Cool came out. Holy shit, that ruled.

BS: What is your dream tour?
Matt: Jimmy Eat World, Blink 182, Kanye West, Biggie, Glassjaw and The Starting Line. It we be one long ass show, but it
would be pretty sick!

BS: What were the best and worst jobs you had before starting the band?
Matt: I went to college and worked summers at a construction company mixing cement, and doing manual labor...I didn't
really mind it.

BS: What is your guilty pleasure band or artist?
Matt: Click Five. That song is catchy.

BS: What is the best rumor you have heard about the band?
Matt: That some kid ghost wrote "Best Of Me" and a few other songs. This kid that lives in PA is claiming that and I tracked
down his email so I'm going to email him today and see what he has to say. Then I am going to fist fight him. Actually I
probably won't.

BS: Do you have any questions for me?
Matt: How high can bees fly?
BS: No idea.
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