BurningStars: So where did the name Trik Turner come from?
Doug Moore (vocals): I named my mom Trik Turner a long time ago as a joke and just kind of stuck. Anyways the name
came from, my brother and I used to watch Boogie Nights a lot and we wanted a female counterpart like Dirk Diggler, but it
was Trik Turner. So it was a joke, it’s what it came out to be.

BS: Who are your major musical influences?
Doug: One of them is in the background, Deftones, Stone Temple Pilots, even way back to the days of like Van Halen, and you
know some old Zeppelin.
BS: Pink Floyd?
Doug: Fucking love Pink Floyd. Pink Floyd, I’ve had many, many fond memories, well I should say many, many times, I don’t
know about the memories cause most of the time I was (laughs)…um watching Pink Floyd on surround sound, you know like
big dvd screens. Everyone used to come to my house to watch, you don’t even know. Pink Floyd was the shit in our place. It
was anybody like Prince, just different people, a variety of people.

BS: So what would be your fantasy tour?
Doug: My fantasy tour? My fantasy tour is to see Milk in a Speedo, my tour manager, in a yellow Speedo.

BS: Have you have any strange fan encounters?
Doug: Not really strange, we’ve had some good times though with other bands. You know what I mean. These guys from
Injected, we met them a long time ago, they were launching their cd at the same time we were and played in a wild snow fall
blizzard storm. It was crazy, people falling all over the stage. It was nuts so.

BS: What’s the best gift you’ve ever received from a fan?
Doug: The best gift I’ve ever gotten from a fan, she was tall, long legs, beautiful, curvaceous body and she gave me her mini
skirt, her thong and her bra in exchange for a Trik Turner shirt.
BS: Wow!
Doug: Yeah, over sized shirt, yeah. And that was kinda cool and I’ve received a few other gifts here and there.

BS: What is your favourite kind of alcoholic beverage?
Doug: Newcastle!

BS: If you were invisible for a day, where would you go and what would you do?
Matt: I would be everywhere there was beautiful women, so I could just get away with seeing certain things. There's always
those certain girls who are like that I grew up with I would always like to know what they always said. You know not even just
the fact to see them naked, just to know what they would say about me. I’d like to call them from a phone, like they’re in the
same room if I could, you know and be invisible.
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Trik Turner interview by: Maureen Benedict & Nicole Yuschak